Our Chemistry Pedagogy

Chemistry can be daunting, requiring long periodic naming sequences, equations and specific keywords. Students may not have the breadth and depth to immediately feel comfortable conversing in the language of chemistry. In fact, getting Us and Ds is not uncommon for promotional and preliminary exams. At Quintessential, our tutors are dedicated to providing our students with all they need to achieve academic excellence.


  • Electrochemistry
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Chemical bonding


  • Periodic tables
  • Transition elements
  • Group II elements & halogens


  • Hydrocarbons
  • Halogens
  • Carbonyls
  • Hydroxyls
  • Carboxylic compounds
  • Nitrogen compounds


  • Analytical
  • Experimental Design
  • Chemistry of Life

1. Deepening understanding of core Chemistry
topics by simplifying complex concepts

  • We have crafted customised curriculums suited to the needs of students struggling with the subject

    Our notes break down complicated theories, models and formulae to make them more palatable to students and accommodate the difficulties involved in studying Chemistry.

  • Our tutors engage students in deep discussions on different Chemistry topics, providing insights on the subject and clarifying any doubts students may have

  • More importantly, we strive to cultivate a love and interest for Chemistry

2. Enhancing critical answering techniques through
intensive practices on past ‘A’ Level questions

  • Students are provided with intensive practices on a broad range of past ‘A’ Level questions

    Practices are selected from our carefully curated compilation of past-year papers

  • Students are exposed to a wide range of question types through questions specifically selected based on the answering skills they demand

  • Tutors provide constructive feedback on students’ work and correct students when they make conceptual errors or if they struggle with application

  • We provide personalised assistance to students to hone their finesse in answering Chemistry questions

    Our tutors are dedicated to addressing the unique weak points of students and accommodating their individual learning styles.

Our Tutors

a level chemistry tuition singapore moe-trained tutor

S Michael (B.Sc NUS) I’m known as Mike, an established chemistry super tutor for over 15 years in IB and A levels syllabus. I have taught at various top Junior Colleges and IB schools and possess a plethora of knowledge and experience. I am passionate about inspiring students to pursue science further and am a firm believer of the importance of science in improving the world. My student reviews consistently place me as one of the best teachers in school, and I am sure to reflect that in my tutoring as well. Most students will find me very approachable, friendly, and happy to share. They see me more as a mentor than their typical teacher. I firmly believe in establishing core concepts effectively and enjoyably. Student rapport and trust is very important to me, and I trust that all my students find my class an enjoyable time.

physics and mathematics tutor for A Levels and IB

Colin Lee I graduated from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) with outstanding academic results, achieving a perfect score of 45 for the IB Diploma Programme. I’m passionate in science and read Medicine at King’s College, University of Cambridge.

I channel my keen interest in the sciences into every Chemistry and Biology lesson I teach. Passion is infectious – students are always encouraged to participate actively in his classes, and to engage in interesting discussions about what they study. I advocate for the thorough understanding of concepts, as opposed to simply memorizing formulae or facts. By inculcating such foundational skills, students are better able to derive answers from conceptual understanding.

a level chemistry tuition singapore nus tutorMalcolm Ong (B.ES NUS) Hi, my name is Malcolm. I graduated from National Junior College and read science at NUS with a with top honours and was on the Dean’s list for outstanding academic achievements. I have also taught at 2 local schools (Physics and Mathematics) and eventually moved on to a well known firm in the Reits sector. Nevertheless, I find myself going back to teaching as I find it a joy to be able to connect with students and give them the push they need to excel in their studies. I prefer being a mentor rather than a conventional teacher towards my students, as I find it much more effective to engage with my students after I have gotten to know them on a personal level.

You will never find me giving out final answers in class without first providing ample explanation and reasoning as to how I derived the solution. By breaking the process down for my students, I believe that not only would it help with their understanding of Chemistry equations, but it would also facilitate their ability to apply the relevant concepts to other questions.

physics and mathematics tutor for A Levels and IB

Zheng C. ZC teaches Biology and Chemistry at QE. He graduated from Raffles Institution with a perfect score in his A Levels, and consistently ranked amongst the top in his cohort for various subjects. He will be studying Law at Cambridge, Downing College. A dynamic individual, he enjoys a range of activities, from tennis to debate to gaming. Much of his free time is spent reading and learning in the company of good books.

ZC believes that practice makes perfect. He prepares extensively for each class, often using a range of key exam questions and intricately designed curriculum to help students gain maximum exposure to exam content. The high standards of his class leave no stone unturned and work on building strong conceptual understanding to aid application skills and techniques, helping many students improve in a short period of time.


Smiriti A, RI 2014, H2 CHEMISTRY: A “When I was in J1, I consistently flunked my Chemistry tests with Us and Ds. I found it difficult to memorise formulas and could not really understand the concepts. Mr M. helped to correct my misconceptions and showed us how to memorise concepts with such clarity. I am very grateful to Mr Mike. for my A. Thank you!”

Tay SK, Parent of Melissa Quek, ACJC 2015, H2 CHEMISTRY: A “My daughter has always been afraid of chemistry formulas and had a phobia of tackling chemistry papers. I would like to thank Mr Malcolm because he helped to overcome my daughter’s preconceived barriers and misconceptions. She now is more interested in chemistry and does a lot better!”

David Pek, HCI 2015, H2 CHEMISTRY: A “H2 Chemistry was difficult for me as I was not very good with my basic Sciences. Mr Michael has always been to clarify my misconceptions and do timed practices to help with my exam diffiiculties. He is truly a good and dedicated teacher.”

William Tee, HCI 2015, H2 CHEMISTRY: A “Mr Michael helped me greatly with my H3 pharmaceutical chemistry and H2 chemistry. I love his fun filled lessons and dedication to students. He always comes prepared with notes and timed practices for us and bothers to correct our misconceptions properly in a patient manner.”