A Callback

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    A Callback

      By submitting this form, you authorise QE to collect your personal data and consent to receive advertising and promotional material from QE in accordance with the terms of the personal data protection act (2012).


      We provide comprehensive tuition across a diverse range of subjects, encompassing Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Languages (English, Chinese), Humanities (History, Economics, Business), as well as specialised programmes for Medical School preparation and US/UK university applications. Our highly skilled tutors possess a deep understanding of the IB curriculum and are dedicated to fostering excellence in the subjects students choose to pursue.

      We provide a range of tailored programs to support students in their university admissions journey, catering to a diverse array of aspirations. Whether you’re aiming for universities in Singapore, the UK, or the US, and whether your interests lie in competitive courses such as Law, Medicine, Computer Science, or the Arts, we offer specialised guidance from helping you select the ideal institutions and programs to crafting compelling personal statements, preparing for academic interviews, and assembling an application portfolio that stands out in the competitive landscape of these fields. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to secure admission to prestigious universities and succeed in your chosen path.
      Our tutors are carefully selected based on their expertise, qualifications, and teaching experience. They often hold advanced degrees in their respective fields and have a deep understanding of the IB curriculum. Many of our tutors are IB alumni and IB examiners themselves, giving them firsthand insights into the challenges students may face and the strategies to overcome them.

      Our tuition centre stands out due to our exclusive focus on the IGCSE, IB tuition, and university applications. Our tutors are experts in the IB curriculum, and our comprehensive approach covers not only academic excellence but also holistic support for university aspirations.

      QE works with the best in the industry. Each QE tutor is an IB graduate, IB teacher, or IB Examiner with vast experience at leading IB schools and knows the curriculum inside out. As IB specialists, we spend almost all of our working hours updating classroom materials, creating targeted practices, and preparing for upcoming classes. Our tutors not only teach the material but also inspire confidence and a love for learning, creating a positive and nurturing environment.

      QE’s curriculum is streamlined to help shorten the learning curve and consistently outperform in coursework and exams. Highly effective lesson plans, customised notes, and targeted practices guide students to learn productively and excel in the shortest time possible. Our tutors provide an enriched learning experience that goes beyond the classroom, fostering critical thinking, deepening subject understanding, and building essential skills that can give your child a competitive edge in future academic pursuits.
      We recognise that every student has unique learning preferences and strengths. Our tutors take the time to assess each student’s learning style, strengths, and areas of improvement. With this information, we create a personalised learning plan that aligns with each student’s goals, ensuring effective and targeted tuition. From IB graduates, senior teachers, to IB Examiners who write the IB syllabi, QE offers over 100 qualified tutors to help each child find the best fit and maximise his potential.
      We understand the importance of finding the right fit, which is why we offer trial sessions. This allows you to experience our teaching approach firsthand before committing to a tuition plan.
      We offer both in-person and online tuition options to accommodate the preferences and convenience of our students. Our online sessions are conducted through a secure and interactive platform, ensuring a seamless learning experience regardless of your location.

      Please inform our staff in advance(>24hr notice) if your child is unable to make it for a lesson; he or she will be able to attend a makeup class.

      Our fees are transparent and inclusive. When your child joins QE, you’ll pay an enrollment fee and the tuition fee for the selected package. There are no hidden charges. We believe in upfront communication and ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

      For new students, we offer a trial lesson.

      1. You only pay for the trial lesson when they decide to enrol.
      2. Should a student not continue, there is no fee chargeable for the trial lesson.

      The fees applicable on registration are:

      1. A one-time material fee of $100 and a registration fee of $50.
      2. A quarterly fee(three months) for each subject.
      3. A one-month deposit for each subject.

      Listed fees are for four classes per month; in the event where there are five classes, fees will be pro-rated.

      We maintain small group class sizes of up to 6 students to ensure personalised attention and an interactive learning environment. Group sizes are intentionally kept small to facilitate meaningful teacher-student interactions and foster collaborative learning.
      Certainly. If you have a group of students interested in studying together, we can work with you to arrange a new group class. This can be a great way to learn alongside peers and share the learning experience.

      Group classes are conducted on a weekly basis over 1 hour 45 minutes sessions.

      Individual classes are conducted on a weekly basis over 1 hour 30 minutes sessions.

      It’s never too early to start planning for your university applications. We offer specialised guidance for Medical School and the SG/US/UK university applications. From selecting the right universities and programmes to crafting compelling personal statements and building your portfolio, our team of specialist mentors provide comprehensive support to maximise your chances of admission success.

      Absolutely. Our tutors are well-versed in guiding students through the IB coursework, such as the Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and TOK components. We provide guidance on choosing suitable topics, conducting research, and structuring your essays to meet the rigorous requirements of these components.