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Our Economics Pedagogy

At Quintessential’s Economics tuition classes, our experienced tutors are well-versed with the difficulties that ‘A’ Level students experience. Our tutors are fully committed to helping them achieve academic success at every level.

Do You Face These Problems in Economics?

  • you understand various economic concepts but cannot comprehend what exam questions are asking for

  • you memorise complex economics theories, but cannot apply or evaluate in context

  • you cannot comprehend content in case studies or essays

1. Build a strong knowledge of
Economic theories grounded in real world application

  • Our center has methodologically and meticulously developed a curriculum that ensures students fully understand the nuances of Economic theory.

    At Quintessential, we believe the secret to scoring is simple- having exposure to a variety of key exam content and questions.

  • Most of our classes also revolve around discussions on recent case studies on issues like the

    • Eurozone debt crisis,
    • America’s mortgage crisis,
    • Japan’s negative interest rate policies,
    • COE prices,
    • Cooling Measures in Singapore,

    and problem solving in general.

    Understanding how to apply such Economic theory to real world events is also paramount to academic success.

2. Build application skills by
practising past ‘A’ Level Economics questions

  • Quintessential has developed a collection of carefully curated past ‘A’ Level Economics examination questions.

  • QE tutors give generous, insightful and constructive feedback on their work

  • A wide breadth of such questions are selected

    Students can be exposed to a variety of concepts, and are prepared for any kind of question during their formal examinations

  • Our tutors bring in industry financial knowledge from external contexts to provide students with interesting examples

    We ensure that every session is engaging and insightful.

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