Our Economics Pedagogy

At Quintessential’s Economics tuition classes, our experienced tutors are well-versed with the difficulties that ‘A’ Level students experience. Our tutors are fully committed to helping them achieve academic success at every level.

Do You Face These Problems in Economics?

  • you understand various economic concepts but cannot comprehend what exam questions are asking for

  • you memorise complex economics theories, but cannot apply or evaluate in context

  • you cannot comprehend content in case studies or essays

1. Build a strong knowledge of
Economic theories grounded in real world application

  • Our center has methodologically and meticulously developed a curriculum that ensures students fully understand the nuances of Economic theory.

    At Quintessential, we believe the secret to scoring is simple- having exposure to a variety of key exam content and questions.

  • Most of our classes also revolve around discussions on recent case studies on issues like the

    • Eurozone debt crisis,
    • America’s mortgage crisis,
    • Japan’s negative interest rate policies,
    • COE prices,
    • Cooling Measures in Singapore,

    and problem solving in general.

    Understanding how to apply such Economic theory to real world events is also paramount to academic success.

2. Build application skills by
practising past ‘A’ Level Economics questions

  • Quintessential has developed a collection of carefully curated past ‘A’ Level Economics examination questions.

  • QE tutors give generous, insightful and constructive feedback on their work

  • A wide breadth of such questions are selected

    Students can be exposed to a variety of concepts, and are prepared for any kind of question during their formal examinations

  • Our tutors bring in industry financial knowledge from external contexts to provide students with interesting examples

    We ensure that every session is engaging and insightful.

Our Results

2016 ECONOMICS RESULTS - 91% A's and B's

quintessential education economics tuition grade A results 2016

Akhila S, Jurong Junior College | Alvin Pryam, Meridian Junior College | Anand G Piraym, Jurong Junior College | Bryant Lim, Catholic Junior College | Deborah Loo, Catholic Junior College | Elise Leong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Eng Zi Liang, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Esther Soh, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Ho Shixin, Anderson Junior College | Isabel Leong, Raffles Institution | Jacqueline Lui, Catholic Junior College | Jonas Wong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Jordan Ong, Catholic Junior College | Kwa Zhi Bao, Jurong Junior College | Kevyn Yong, Hwa Chong Institution | Kang Jung Hyun, Hwa Chong Institution | Kimberly Kiong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Kenneth Tan Sin Long, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Lee Hui Ying, Saint Andrew Junior College | Lim Jun Xiang, Yishun Junior College | Ong Si Ching, Catholic Junior College | See Jeng, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Shawn Lim, Yishun Junior College | Shaun Tan, Raffles Institution | Stephanie Gunawan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Tan Xin Yi, Saint Andrew Junior College | Teresa Wong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Vince Lim, Saint Andrew Junior College | Wilbur Woo, Pioneer Junior College | Wong Ya Qi, Jurong Junior College | Yan Jun Qiao, Temasek Junior College | Yan Wei Liang, Hwa Chong Institution

Our Tutors

A level economics tuition singaporeSean Lim Hello! I'm Sean, an established tutor who has taught over 600 students to date. A full time educator, I was schooled in Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Junior College before completing my bachelors degree with top honours at SMU. I moved on to work in the finance sector before deciding to pursue my interest in teaching. My strong passion for teaching has fuelled me for ten years and counting. Students and parents alike find me an approachable and personable tutor, and my economics class will be anything but one way lectures and boring theories on monetary or fiscal policies. I often focus on application skills and evaluation of various content.

I believe that students do not need lengthy textbooks or lecture notes, much less cramming these right before exams. By simplifying concepts, I often challenge students to "Explain an economic concept to a 12-year old" or "Explain a difficult economic concept in 100 words". My teaching style focuses on building core understanding and foundation. Tons of key questions, analysis of exam trends and practices, burgers, pizzas and post class consultations pepper my lessons. In my free time, I am an aficionado of music and automobiles. I also love languages and arts and am currently learning French and Korean.


Brian Chia, ACJC 2015, ECONOMICS: A

"I enjoyed Mr Lim's class greatly because he made economics very interesting and engaging for me. Many of the examples he used in class, such as the competition laws and takeover of APB, prisoners dilemma, and the developments in the EU financial markets made it very easy for me to understand the syllabus and develop genuine interest in the subject. He also shares many tips and tricks to answering well and it helped greatly in my examinations."

Elise Leong, ACJC 2015, ECONOMICS: A

I was glad that I had the chance to learn under Mr Lim for my JC2 year. The classes are very easy to understand and helped greatly in giving me a systemmatic approach in developing my answers. Mr Lim's methodology is clear to understand and it gives me a very consistent way to write in the examinations. It also helped greatly that they were forever interesting and filled with good jokes and contextual knowledge. Mr Lim is a very knowledgeble and charismatic teacher and his passion in teaching is unrivalled."

Chia Wei Liang, SRJC 2014, ECONOMICS: A

"Before having Mr Lim as my economics tutor, my grades stagnated at E grade due to lack of skills to engage economics questions comprehensively and confidently. However through Mr Lim's patient guidance, which focused on though processes when being challenged by a question, as well as handy time management skills, my confidence boosted tremendously. To add relevance into studying economics, Mr Lim often introduced to us contexts from both local and international sources to aid us in drawing connections between textbook economics and that of real world. He is also an extremely dedicated tutor to us and will ensure that our doubts and queries are answered even after lessons, when we were attempting practices at our own time. He will also track our progress in between lessons and allocate more practices according to our needs. I really have Mr Lim's thoughtful and patient guidance to thank for my improvement in grades from E to A within the 5 months before exams.

Lin Suijing, HCI 2014, ECONOMICS: A

"Mr Lim is an engaging and fun tutor who taught me exam skills and techniques, supplementing and reinforcing the knowledge i learnt in school. He is a patient and encouraging tutor who goes the extra mile for all of his students. Under Mr Lim's guidance and effective teaching methods, my Economics grades improved tremendously from an E to A and I could not have done it without his dedicated teaching."

Daniel Ling, TJC 2014, ECONOMICS: A

“Very thankful for Mr Lim’s econs lessons which helped me improve my grades from D in JC1 to consistent As during JC2 MCT, JCT, Prelims and A lvls. His lesssons were extremely helpful and resourceful. It helped me improve tremendously on my techniques and application skills and I am thankful for his strong dedication towards teaching!”

Tan Tee Hui, SRJC 2014, ECONOMICS: A

"Having a rather solid concept in economics during j1, I obtained a grade of C during promos. However, in j2 my results worsened significantly to a U in mid years. Feeling desperate, I seeked help from Mr Lim who managed to pull my grades from U to A in a short span of 5 months. Mr Lim is very clear in delivering his concepts to us and repeats himself whenever he sees us in doubt. Thank you."

Suriya, RI 2013, ECONOMICS: A

Mr Lim’s lessons were extremely engaging, and provided a personal touch on the economic issues and problems that we were tacking as part of the A level syllabus. What definitely stood out for me though was his ability to succinctly explain economics concepts with the use of diagrams. This approach was one that was logical, progressive and coherent in encapsulating the essence of the various topics. With a view to the examinations, he was able to analyse questions from the various schools in order to categorise the various types of questions, which ensured that the content that I had to study became very manageable. Ultimately, his lessons played a pivotal role in me becoming more confident in understanding and tackling Economics as a subject.

Jason Moh, ACJC 2013, ECONOMICS: A

“I attended Mr Lim’s economics tuition class after JC1 promos because I failed the subject. It was hard for me to understand what they were teaching in school and the exam questions always looked so different from what they teach. At Mr Lim’s class, he always explains the concept in very simple terms and I find that it helped my understanding a lot, his classes are always very fun and interesting and there are many examples he will give to relate to the theories. He is also a very hardworking and efficient tutor who gives me a lot of sample answers to study at home. He would always stay back after class to answer the many questions I had.

Janelle Teo, ACJC 2013, ECONOMICS: A

”I greatly enjoyed the lessons I had with Mr Lim. I learnt so much more than I did at school and found that economics was much easier when Mr Lim explained them in class. I also felt that I improved tremendously through the practices, which was more intensive and progressive than those I had in school. Overall, Mr Lim is an extremely committed tutor and is very dedicated to us and is definitely the best teacher I have had!”

Winnie Tan, ACJC 2013, ECONOMICS: A

”Mr Lim’s economics tuition classes were very engaging and informative. They were fun and filled with many jokes and real life examples. He made economics feel really easy for me. It also made my studying very effective because i could see clearly what to study for and how to prepare for these answers. I would not have been able to get my A without Mr Lim’s help.”[/su_spoiler]