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Our General Paper Tuition Pedagogy

Our classes are built on challenging norms, questioning fallacies and developing versatility in constructing arguments. We believe in debates, exchange of ideas and providing resources beyond the curriculum; doing so will ignite the passion for learning in our students. Have a look at our weekly updates to get a feel of the topics discussed at our GP tuition classes. Our experienced tutors take students through:

3Es Educate Elaborate Execute

3Es Educate Elaborate Execute

At Quintessential, we believe in doing the best for our students and our unique pedagogy involves the 3 Es.

EDUCATION:  Sufficient question exposure breeds familiarity. Students MUST be focused on all questions types along with question trend and analysis

ELABORATE: Students often LACK good elaboration in their answers. Quintessential teaches good answering techniques from seasoned examiners

EXECUTE: Practice, practice, practice. There is simply NO substitute to this. Experience Quintessential’s customised timed trials and proven drills.

1. Discussions on current affairs issues to hone your skills in argumentative writing

We discuss the latest, most significant global events and give you masterful insight on how to integrate and evaluate these in your work. We do away with lengthy, overloaded lectures and keep them short and simple- understand the ISIS war, Panama Papers, Brexit and much more in 5 minute snippets. Through this, we show you various perspective on various topics and teach you how to formulate a convincing argument and style your writing in the exams.

2. Comprehension practices to enhance your critical thinking and inference skills

We provide intensive practices on selected key questions to give you the edge you need, find out what you’ve been doing wrong and how to rectify them. We segment and select questions to ensure a good breadth and depth of practice. Learn about various question types, master speed reading, critical close analysis, and various answering techniques for a systematic approach to the GP exams. Our tutors are well-versed with the rigorous demands of the GP syllabus and are committed to imparting skills to synthesise, comprehend, explain, infer, evaluate and summarise information.



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