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“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

As specialists in the IGCSE curriculum, QE’s expertise has been built over years of nurturing hundreds of students from international schools and private institutions, guiding many to achieve stellar academic results in various examinations. Our teachers dedicate full attention to writing and enhancing our IGCSE Master curriculum; each curriculum is built on proven strategies developed by subject experts. We offer a series of IGCSE Masterclasses that offer professional guidance, targeted help and a highly-rated personalised curriculum. Classes extend from topical reviews, question practices, customised intensive revision, to comprehensive and constructive feedback from tutors on students’ work.

IB Tuition for Higher Level and Standard Level Economics, Chemistry, Physics, TOK, Biology by experienced IB examiners and tutors

Small class sizes, premium facilities, a holistic education with master teachers, and customised curriculum remains our code of excellence. We dedicate our time to crafting intelligently designed guides and teaching materials to help you achieve your potential. Each Quintessential teacher is an IGCSE specialist with vast experience teaching at top schools. This year, we are introducing our junior tutors – many of whom are our previous students and perfect-scorers in the IB Diploma Programme who are bound for prestigious courses like Law, Medicine, and PPE. They are cherry picked and undergo extensive training with us to teach the IGCSE curriculum at the highest level of competence. More than just a source of tutorial services, Quintessential encompasses a highly regarded brand of education designed to promote academic excellence, mentorship and fraternity.

IB syllabus taught by experienced tutorsIGCSE Tuition,

crafted for your success.

QE’s methodology is built on 3 pillars, designed to help you achieve your maximum potential.

The unique academic rigour of the IGCSE may be daunting to even the brightest students; this is why we have spent years perfecting the way we teach the IGCSE.

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