Our Physics Pedagogy

Physics can be perplexing with momentum and energy dynamic equations, complex thermodynamics, baffling electromagnetism or atomic constants and esoteric quantum mechanics concepts to memorise. Without prior exposure, students may feel uncomfortable with the mathematical and abstract aspects of physics. At Quintessential’s physics tuition classes, you can be rest assured that we have the experience and qualifications as a leading physics tuition provider.







  • Quantum
  • Charged particles
  • Nuclear physics

1. Building a strong foundation in
core Physics principles and concepts

  • Our teaching philosophy focuses on ensuring that students are well-versed and sure of foundational Physics knowledge

    We believe in developing the right foundation concepts so that students can always work out their solutions from these principles even if they do not know how to approach a physics question.

  • We produce notes that break down complicated theories and apply them to real world situations

    Students are hence able to identify how Physics concepts relate to daily phenomenon that occur around them, and better appreciate its importance and relevance in real life.

2. Enhancing answering techniques
through practices on past ‘A’ Level questions

  • Students are provided with intensive practices on a broad range of past ‘A’ Level questions

    Practices are selected from our carefully curated compilation of past-year papers

  • Students are exposed to a wide range of question types through questions specifically selected based on the answering skills they demand

  • Tutors provide constructive feedback on students’ work and correct students when they make conceptual errors or if they struggle with application

  • We provide personalised assistance to students to hone their finesse in answering Physics questions

    Our tutors are dedicated to addressing the unique weak points of students and accommodating their individual learning styles.

Our Results

2015 PHYSICS RESULTS- 75% A's and B's

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Georgia Rashad, Jurong Junior College | Lim Teck Yong, Meridian Junior College | Felicia Yim, St Andrew Junior College | Kimberley Hoh, Raffles Junior College | Peter Gan, Catholic Junior College | Lewina Tan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Lim Shu Yu, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Cheryl Kok, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Tan Kah Onn, Anderson Junior College | Jonah Prakad, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Ginny Lee, Catholic Junior College | Quah Hong Ren, Jurong Junior College | Lim Whai Lian, Hwa Chong Institution | Gavin David, Hwa Chong Institution | Elias Han, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Jeremy Liang, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Bernard Lee, Raffles Institution | Lowelle Fan, Catholic Junior College | Rebecca Lim, Yishun Junior College | Geoffrey Tee, Raffles Institution | Lee Yijun, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Geraldine Gan, Saint Andrew Junior College | Lynette Oh, Anglo-Chinese Junior College | Yashit Mohd, Saint Andrew Junior College | Jimmy Foo, Pioneer Junior College | Wang Xiang Jun, Jurong Junior College | Chen Hao Liang, Temasek Junior College

Our Tutors

a level physics tuition singapore tutors
Jun Lee (NTU)

I am a former scholar with years of experience teaching IB, A levels, Maths and Physics. Currently a full time educator, I have a strong passion for teaching and sharing. I believes conceptual visualization can help students understand topics and retain knowledge, sharpening intuition in Maths and Physics to handle non-routine problems. In the classroom, I like to strike good rapport with students and uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative pedagogical approach to prepare them for questions that require them to write explanations, arguments and proofs and inferences.
My Teaching Pedagogy:

1. Sharpening the student's intuition to handle non-routine or unorthodox problems.
2. Simplification of abstract concepts using close-to-the heart examples, stories , derivations and analogies.
3. Learning outcomes are achieved through concept visualisation, concept simplification and concept retention.
4. Questions are reviewed and selected from various sources prudently such that students focus only on questions that best capture the gist of lesson concepts.

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Willy Heng (BBA NTU)

My teaching journey started as early as from when I was in Junior College. Back then I started with my peers, and then moved on to students while serving my National Service. To me, sharing knowledge and helping others to excel is a joy. Having started from teaching peers, I understand the difficulties that students encounter, and see the importance of simplifying complex mathematical theories into easily understood concepts. Rather than teaching answers, I focuses my lessons on cultivating techniques to help students build understanding, and provide them with tools to tackle increasingly demanding and creative Physics examination questions.

I believe that each student's results are dependant not only on their resilience when faced with difficulties, but also on having a good tutor who can provide good explanations and help clear any doubts that the student may have. My students always feel assured of being able to attain the results they set out for, and I always have faith that they will be able to do well in their examinations!

a level physics tuition singaporeMalcolm Ong (B.ES NUS)

Hi, my name is Malcolm. I graduated from National Junior College and later NUS with a Bachelor in Engineering Science with top honours and was on the Dean's list for outstanding academic achievements. I have also taught at 2 local schools (covering Physics and Mathematics) and eventually moved on to a well known firm in the private sector. Nevertheless, I find myself going back to teaching as I find it a joy to be able to connect with students and give them the push they need to excel in their studies. I prefer being a mentor rather than a dictator towards my students, as I find it much more effective to engage with my students after I have gotten to know them on a personal level.

You will never find me giving out final answers in class without first providing ample explanation and reasoning as to how I derived the solution. By breaking the process down for my students, I believe that not only would it help with their understanding of both Math or Physics formulae, but it would also facilitate their ability to apply the relevant concepts to other questions.

a level physics tuition singapore tutor moe-trainedJayden Lee (B.ES NTU) 

Jayden is a former NTU President scholar with solid experience teaching IB Maths and Physics. Having taught at Raffles Junior College, Jayden uses teaching methodology and curriculum that has worked consistently at the highest level.