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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


Zee H. (GP)

Zee was schooled in Victoria Junior College and went on to read Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Oxford. With a strong passion for teaching, she is a full time educator specialising in curriculum planning. Zee is witty, charismatic, and well read. Her breadth of knowledge allows her to discuss any topic with ease. In her classes, she helps students pin down not only the basics of question-type recognition and writing structure, but also the essential higher-level skills of understanding nuance, signposting arguments and many more. This is done through a constant cycle of the four key components of the GP examination, with content knowledge imparted alongside.

Willy H. (Maths) 

Willy started teaching as early as when he was in junior college.  He was schooled in Raffles Junior College and went on to read Accountancy at NTU, where he graduated with top honours and a near perfect GPA. To him, imparting knowledge is a joy that is built on every one of his classes.

Having started from peer tutoring, he understands the difficulties that students encounters, and simplifies complex mathematical theories into simple concepts. Rather than reciting answers, Willy builds his lessons on developing strong foundation and conceptual understanding, before providing students with insights to tackle increasingly demanding and creative mathematics examination questions. The solid track record of his classes has earned him high praises from parents and students alike.

Sean L. (Economics)

Sean is a super tutor who has taught over 500 students and counting. He was schooled in Raffles Junior College and completed his bachelors degree with top honours at SMU, consistently ranking at the top of his cohort. An approachable and personable teacher, he is extremely well-liked by students and parents.

Sean believes students do not need textbooks or lengthy notes in his class. An articulate and charismatic teacher, he is extremely good at simplifying concepts and often challenges students to "Explain an economic concept with no economic terms". His fervent passion for learning characterises the structure of his classes; often built on core understanding and practice. Tons of key questions, analysis of exam trends, pizzas and post class consultations pepper his lessons. In his free time, he enjoys music and automobiles.

Natalie C. (GP)

Natalie was schooled in Victoria Junior College before reading Law at Queen Mary, UK. She is now an established lawyer with a strong passion for teaching.   In her classes, she helps students pin down not only the basics of question-type recognition and writing structure, but also the essential higher-level skills of understanding nuance, signposting arguments and many more.

Her interests are GP and History. A firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword and that history is an important mirror of lessons, apart from exam techniques, students find her lessons are peppered with real life experiences and examples.  In her free time, she is involved in a startup concerned about equal access to law and a cooperative researching on pedagogies.

Wei. (Maths)

Wei was schooled in Victoria Junior College and went on to read Mathematics at NUS. She has completed numerous research in specialised studies and has a great talent in teaching. In her regular classes, she uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative pedagogical approach to prepare students for questions that require them to write explanations, arguments and proofs and inferences. 

Wei adopts a structured learning approach where she meticulously writes her own curriculum and answers, coupled with analysis of key questions to develop critical exam skills. 

Wei's philosophy addresses challenging questions and develops key foundational understanding across various chapters and she is very popular amongst both IB and A level students.


Samuel Michael (Chem)

Michael is an established chemistry super tutor with over 15 years experience in both IB and A levels. He has taught at various top Junior Colleges and IB schools; and has a plethora of knowledge and experience.

Michael is passionate about teaching and is an inspirational mentor to all students. His student reviews are consistently one of the best around; which is no surprise considering his experience and pedagogy. He firmly believes in establishing core concepts effectively and enjoyably. Student rapport and trust are important to him and he inspires many to like the subject.

In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family or exchanging a pointer or two about soccer and automobiles.

Malcolm Ong (Physics)

Malcolm graduated from National Junior College and NTU engineering science with top honours. He has a decade of teaching experience in O/A levels physics and mathematics.  He believes in providing clear and ample explanations and reasoning as to how he derives solutions to various questions before giving answers (Strictly no spoon-feeding!).

By breaking down the learning process for students, he believes it piques their interests of both Math, Physics formulae and facilitates their ability to apply the relevant concepts to real life.

Betty Chua (Chem) 

Betty graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with first class honours before joining MOE as a teacher at Temasek Junior College and Anglo-Chinese School Independent.

She is a passionate educator and has been teaching for over 20 years and touched the lives of over 1000 students. She adopts a structured learning approach where she meticulously writes her own curriculum and answers, coupled with analysis of key questions to develop critical exam skills. Often, students comment that she is able to make difficult chemistry concepts extremely simple and a joy to read. 

Jun (Maths and Physics)

Jun is a former scholar with years of experience teaching IB, A levels, Maths and Physics. Currently a full time educator,  he has a strong passion for teaching. Jun believes conceptual visualization can help students understand topics and retain knowledge, sharpening intuition in Maths and Physics to handle non-routine problems.

He strikes good rapport with students and uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative pedagogical approach to prepare them for questions that require them to write explanations, arguments and proofs and inferences. 

Chloe L. (Chem)

Chloe graduated from NTU with top honours in chemical biological chemistry. She has been a full time educator specialising in chemistry and math for the past 7 years. By targeting key concepts and making sure students build strong fundamental understanding, her classes are highly effective. This is through her structured learning approach, which focuses on a good grasp in application instead of being fixated on answers. Chemistry should be learned through little adjustments of habits in thinking rather than last minute struggles before major exams. Chloe helps students develop love in the subject rather than seeing it as a chore in gaining academic success. Apart than teaching, Chloe enjoys swimming and running during her leisure hours. 

Koh (Chem) 

 Koh currently teaches at one of the top junior colleges in Singapore. Another of our super tutors, he has  10 years of experience in teaching with a wealth of experience and competency. He is well versed in A level and IB chemistry and conducts regular group classes for both curriculum.

Koh's philosophy is to adapt to individual students' needs and constantly tackle challenging questions in key foundational concepts with fun visual practical examples. Students have a strong rapport with him and he is very popular amongst both IB and A level students.

Sheela C. (GP)

Sheela graduated from NUS Sociology as the valedictorian and gold medalist (top in cohort). She went to pursue her Masters at USC, Santa Cruz and is a passionate full time educator. To date, she has taught over a decade. It would not be wrong to say teaching is her lifeblood for our super tutor.

A part time yoga instructor as well, she firmly believes in holistic and broad based education and balanced analysis of real world news, politics, finance, socio-economics, education to make for informed global citizens.

G. Shen (GP)

Shen has been teaching GP since he was reading law in the National University of Singapore. Prior to that, he was schooled in Raffles Junior College. Now a full-time Advocate & Solicitor, Shen continues to impart his skills to numerous students, especially those aspiring to become lawyers in the future. Shen believes that in today's information-intensive world, everyone has access to much knowledge. The key to success lies in how one critically evaluates and implements that knowledge for the betterment of self and society. As a leading GP tutor, Shen is able to deliver value beyond that of many others, combining both his years of experience as a tutor and learnings from practice in the law.

Raymond G. (Bio)

Raymond was schooled at Raffles Junior College and went on to read Biology at NUS. He has completed numerous research in specialised studies and is accomplished in this field.

An avid reader, he is knowledgeable in a great breadth of topics and is competent in areas of research and knowledge inquiry. On a regular basis, he teaches the biology syllabus and seeks to apply his experience and knowledge in this field.

Outside the classroom, he has a diverse range of interest, such as chinese painting, rock climbing, scuba diving, karting, and cooking.

G. Kok (GP)

G. is a lawyer working in the big 4 law firms and studied Law at Cambridge. He is experienced in corporate mergers, startups, youth ambassador roles.  He has a strong passion for giving back to the younger generation, university consulting for UK as well as General Paper.

He believes in wide reading of global issues and the importance of balanced views. Students’ feedback are usually very strong for his content and breadth of lessons.


Outside teaching, his interests are in travelling and extreme sports.

Colin L (Bio, Chem)

Colin graduated from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) with outstanding academic results, achieving a perfect score of 45 for the IB examinations. He was also on the Dean's list for multiple subjects and held various leadership positions in school. His ardent passion and fluid interview skills has earned him a place to read Medicine at the University of Cambridge.


Colin channels his keen interest in the sciences into every Chemistry and Biology lesson he teaches. His passion is infectious – his students are always encouraged to participate actively in his classes and develop a strong drive for learning and personal growth. Colin advocates for the thorough understanding of concepts, as opposed to simply memorizing formulae or facts. By inculcating such foundational skills, his students develop into independent learners and responsible individuals under his mentorship.

Nat Y (Lit, TOK)

Nat graduated from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and will read Law at the University of Cambridge. Beyond her perfect score of 45 points i the IB examinations, Natalie has demonstrated consistent academic excellence in the Humanities with impressive flair for writing. She teaches Literature and Theory of Knowledge at QE.


Natalie believes in teaching her students in an interactive manner. Whether it b discussions on literary texts or real world examples in epistemology, she encourages students to engage deeply and construct informed opinions. Natalie places a large emphasis on language mastery, articulation and analytical skills, and regularly gives constructive feedback on her students’ work, identifying areas of improvement. She instills in her students a passion for learning, ensuring that every lesson is a rewarding experience.

Thomas H. (ACT/SAT)

Thomas will be reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science this year. He has a diverse range of interests and reads broadly across various topics.

This shapes his engaging teaching style and uniquely likeable personality.


Thomas brings his wit, inquisitiveness and passion into the classroom, teaching  Geography and SAT/ACT at QE. During his lessons, he offers intellectually stimulating insights and encourages his students to explore multidisciplinary fields. Thomas’ nurturing teaching style ensures that every student has a firm grasp on what they study, and his dedication has made him extremely popular amongst students. His students find his lessons engaging and thought-provoking, and are always motivated to think beyond the confines of their textbooks.

Su Ying (Language and Literature)

Su Ying graduated from ACS (independent) and read law at the Singapore Management University. A highly driven individual, she values excellence and commits fully in everything she does. Beyond academics, Shu Ying has a passion for leading and serving her community. Shu Ying regularly oversees legal clinics, manages student volunteers and contributes in pro bono social work 

She prides herself on preparing extensively for each class, providing a range of customised materials for each student. Her pinpoint, focused help has benefited many students who attest to the highest standards of her classes. Shu Ying also enjoys playing the violin, debating, discussing classic literature, and hiking in nature reserves.

Sarah Lu (Lit, Geog, TOK)

 Sarah graduated from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) with a perfect score of 45 on her IB exams. She is going on to read Politics and International Relations at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Sarah teaches Literature, Geography, and Theory of Knowledge at QE.


Sarah’s passion for teaching the humanities has earned her resounding feedback from her students. An avid reader, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and insights that she is always keen to share. She helps her students to think outside of the box when approaching problems. Rather than teaching students to memorise content, Sarah focuses on analysis and answering techniques, so that students can see a sustainable improvement in their academics. In her free time, Sarah advocates passionately for saving our environment.

Zheng C.

ZC graduated from Raffles Institution with a perfect score in his A levels, and consistently ranked amongst the top in his cohort for various subjects. He will be reading Law at the University of Cambridge. A dynamic individual, he enjoys a range of activities from tennis to debate and gaming. Much of his free time is spent reading and learning in the company of good books.

ZC believes that practice makes perfect. He prepares extensively for each class, often using a range of key exam questions and intricately designed curriculum to help students gain maximum exposure to exam content. The high standards of his class leaves no stone unturned and works on building strong conceptual understanding to aid application skills and techniques, helping many students improve in a short period of time.