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Our Chemistry Tuition Pedagogy

At Quintessential, our experienced tutors understand the major problems that students face when tackling the subject. Chemistry can be daunting with long periodic naming sequences for chemicals, equations and order of kinetics. Students may not have the breadth and depth to immediately feel comfortable conversing in the language of chemistry. In fact, getting Us and Ds is not uncommon for promotional and preliminary exams for ‘A’ Level Chemistry.

Thus, Quintessential tutors are dedicated to providing our students with all they need to achieve academic excellence in the subject of Chemistry, through:

1. Deepening understanding of core Chemistry topics by simplifying complex concepts

Quintessential tutors are well-versed with the difficulties of studying Chemistry. That is why we have crafted customised curriculums suited to the needs of students struggling with the subject, by producing notes that break down complicated theories, models and formulae. This makes our notes more palatable to students, and students enjoy the process of learning Chemistry even more. Our tutors engage students in deep discussions on different Chemistry topics, providing insights on the subject and answering any doubts or questions students would like to clarify. More importantly, we strive to cultivate a love and interest for Chemistry. We understand that ultimately, the wonders of chemistry are abound in our daily life.

2. Enhancing critical answering techniques through intensive practices on past ‘A’ Level questions

Students are provided with intensive practices on a broad range of past ‘A’ Level questions, based on our carefully curated compilation of past-year papers. Questions are specifically selected based on the answering skills they demand, thus exposing students to a wide range of question types. Tutors provide constructive feedback on students’ work and correct students when they make conceptual errors or if they struggle with answering skills. Our tutors are dedicated to addressing the unique, individual weak points of students and hence provide them with personalised assistance. This hones their finesse and speed in responding to challenging Chemistry problems.

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