Pre-IB Classes
IP Lang Arts (Year 1) WED 6-7.45pm
IP Math (Year 1) New Class
IP Science (Year 1) New Class
IP Lang Arts (Year 2) New Class
E-Math (Year 3/G9) SAT 3-4:45pm
Chem (Year 3/G9) New Class
A-Math (Year 4/G10) New Class
Physics (Year 4/G10) SAT 2.30-4.15pm
Lang Arts (Year 4/G10) New Class
Economics (Year 4/G10) New Class
Chemistry (Year 4/G10) New Class
Biology (Year 4/G10) New Class
IB Year 5 / Grade 11 Classes
IB LangLit SL/HL SAT 3.45-5.30pm
IB Math AA HL SAT 6-7.45pm
IB Math AA HL SUN 10.30-12.15pm
IB Econs SL SAT 10.45-12.15pm
IB Econs HL FRI 4.30-6.15pm
IB Chemistry HL MON 6-7.45pm
IB Year 6 / Grade 12 Classes
IB Chem HL SUN 4.30-6.15pm
IB Chem SL TUES 5-6.45pm
IB Math AA HL MON 4.45-6.15pm
IB Math AA SL THURS 5-6.45pm
IB LangLit SL SAT 2-3.45pm
IB LangLit HL THURS 7-8.45pm
IB Econs SL SAT 10.15-12pm
IB Econs HL WED 5.30-7.15pm
IB Econs HL SUN 1:30-3.15pm
IB Biology HL SAT 11.30-1.15pm
IGCSE/Pre-IB Classes
Math (G6/7) Sun 1130-115pm
English (G6/7) FRI 4-545pm
Math (Year 2/G8) SUN 1130-115pm
English (Year 2/G8) SAT 9-1045am
Math (Year 3/G9) SAT 3-445pm
English (Year 3/G9) THURS 5-645pm
Math (Year 4/G10) THURS 5-645pm
Physics (Year 4/G10) SAT 230-415pm
Science (Year 4/G10) WED 5-645pm
Economics (Year 4/G10) SAT 230-415pm
Chemistry (Year 4/G10) SAT 300-445pm
Biology (Year 4/G10) SAT 300-445pm

IB Year 5 / Grade 11 Classes

IB LangLit SL TUES 530-715pm
IB Math AA HL MON 4-545pm
IB Econs HL MON 5-645pm
IB Biology HL THURS 445-630pm
IB Chemistry HL SUN 10-1145pm
IB Year 6 / Grade 12 Classes
IB Chem HL SAT 11-1245pm
IB Chem SL TUES 5-645pm
IB Math AA HL MON 445-615
IB Math AA SL THURS 5-645pm
IB LangLit SL SAT 2-345pm
IB LangLit HL THURS 7-845pm
IB Econs SL SUN 4-545pm
IB Econs HL SUN 4-545pm
IB Chemistry HL SAT 130-315pm
IB Physics HL SAT 11-1245pm

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