Consistently setting industry standards; our highly advanced 2019 Crash Courses are geared to address the most challenging components of national exams. We give you inside knowledge and time-proven strategies that have consistently beaten the national average in all examinations. With over 2000 students taught, Quintessential has a winning track record of over 90% As and Bs in the A levels and 100% 6s and 7s for the IB.

  • Technical know-how – Learn key answering techniques that goes beyond commonplace tips found in lecture notes
  • Customised Curriculum – Specialised notes and intelligently designed resources by subject experts
  • Perfected Syllabus – Proven strategies to solve the most challenging exam questions
  • Ultimate focus – Courses are geared towards high performance in the shortest time possible
  • 100% Comprehensive – Our predicted questions analysis systematically covers all possible concepts and question types – revise intelligently and effectively

How are classes conducted?

Proven Teaching Model

Insider Strategies by Singapore’s top expert tutors

QE’s tutors are dedicated educators from top IB schools and JC who spend 100% of their time on their specialised subjects. Our highly advanced worksheets and guides are proven to improve subject mastery and is geared towards high performance in the shortest time. Each crash course addresses specific parts of the syllabus and works to develop better application skills.

High quality and realistic timed practices – a competitive edge for all students

Practice, Practice, Practice. A good revision strategy, coupled with our timed trials to simulate exam condition, can help to improve time management and subject mastery. This is especially true with knowledge of which chapters and questions to prioritise and which sections to spend time adequately is crucial to scoring well. At IvyPrep, we will stick with you until you’ve got your admissions offers in hand. With no limit on consulting hours, our consultants are available as often as you need them to answer as many questions as you might have.

Start to End Mentoring

Rote memorisation does not guarantee a good grade; we share insider experience on how questions are set and papers are marked, conduct topical recap, and mock exams review. We will stick with you until all questions are answered.

Class Schedule And Fees

We keep the class sizes small to ensure sufficient attention for every student. Form a group or enrol with your friend to enjoy a $30 Starbucks voucher for the much needed tea and coffee over study sessions!

IB Year 10 / A Level J1

$600if group size is 7-9
  • $650 if group size is 4-6
  • $700 if group size is 2-3

IB Year 11 / A Level J2

$650if group size is 7-9
  • $700 if group size is 4-6
  • $750 if group size is 2-3

Mr Lim, my teacher, is a very caring and good teacher. He puts in a lot of effort to get us to understand and do better and even goes to the extent of holding free consultation sessions outside class to clarify our doubts. His explanation is very clear, in depth, and easy to understand. He also takes a lot of time outside classes to mark mountains of essays and case studies that we give him with no complaints at all, and always gives us the best comments to help us improve. He is the best teacher I have ever met and I really enjoyed the time I spent at the centre learning from him!

yjc valedictorianLim Jun Xiang Yishun Junior College Valedictorian, SMU (Accountancy)

I was lost and confused until the team at Quintessential helped me. They dedicated a lot of time and brought out the best in me. Not only were they my teachers, they were also my mentors who guided me to excel and discover my passion.

testimonial 1Herman Ahmad Raffles Institution, Oxford (Law)

The teachers at Quintessential act more like mentors, or even friends. They give me advices not only in studies, but also my career prospects and future options. They genuinely care for me and that’s what sets them apart.

jovinJovin Leong Nanyang Junior College Valedictorian, Oxford (PPE)

Even though I really feel that Economics can be really boring, the interesting anecdotes always spice up the lessons. Thank you for putting so much effort to teach me and I love the lessons a lot and always learn something new after each session.

Marina Chan National Swimmer, Asian Games, Gold Medalist

I am very grateful for the help that the teachers have given me. They were very passionate and committed, constantly following up on my progress and ensuring that I had sufficient resources and practices. My grades improved considerably over the years and I am thankful for the dedication displayed by all my teachers. Their classes are not only fruitful and also truly inspirational.

brian kimBrian Kim UWC (Dover), LSE (Economics)

Thank you for making even the most boring subjects like English and Economics fun. Will always remember the commitment and extra effort all my tutors put in to help me prepare for exams! The practice sessions and reviews really made a big difference in my revision and I really enjoyed my lessons!

Danny P SJI (International), Columbia University (Engineering)

Thanks so much for helping me improve my Economics at my own pace of lesson. The exam practices and reviews really helped me for the exams and I have improved tremendously over the last year!

elizabethElizabeth Liew ACS (International), Edinburgh (Medicine)


When were these prep courses introduced (since which year?)

We introduced these prep courses since 2013.

Why do you offer these short, intensive prep courses? And for what subjects?

We offer prep courses for various IB/’A’ levels subjects like Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Economics, General Paper. Various curriculum are demanding and intensive. Additionally, many concepts tend to be complex yet only serve as enrichment purposes. Hence, many students find difficulty when it comes to revising for the exams. A short course that provides an overview and crystallises key concepts can help significantly by aiming to be comprehensive yet succinct.

Most students do not strategise when studying for exams; they tend to lack practical skills/answering techniques and instead worry about trying to memorise their notes/textbooks. The aim of our prep courses is do away with memorising and build good understanding by clarifying what kind of questions to expect in exams, what concepts to focus on and how to strategise their preparations, how to tackle key examination questions, how to improve their answering techniques.

Many students only realise what they lack when they begin their own revision. We believe that an intensive course right before the exams will complement their revision and help clarify questions on various key topics and concepts. This is usually done through an analysis of various past questions in a topical manner.

While most students have access to past questions and solutions, we find that a big problem is not in understanding the answers but learning how to arrive at such answers and applying them in other questions. We believe students can improve if we address gaps in application skills; by breaking down and explaining various answers to show “How exactly do we arrive at this answer and apply it elsewhere?” Our intensive courses aim to do this.

For figures, how many students last year and how many students will there be this year?

We had 80 students for our crash courses last year and this year the numbers have exceeded 100.

How are these courses conducted, and what do the tutors focus on during these short courses?

Our courses are conducted in a small group seminar style. The tutors dry run each course to make sure the intensive session can cover all chapters and questions.

We aim to add value to students by complementing and supplementing their own revision. Hence the courses are centred on focused topical revision analysing and reviewing different categories of past questions developing a structured approach to answering questions (this is the highlight of our courses) developing answering techniques analysis of common mistakes of students reversed teaching by students (to test their ability to comprehend and apply). Essentially, the course places emphasis on doing away with memorising by providing a concise approach to reviewing the exam syllabus.

Are these courses guaranteed to lift the students’ grades? How so?

These courses are guaranteed to improve students’ understanding in a significant manner. By getting an overview, they are now more sure of specific parts of the syllabus to focus on; it gives them a good way to strategise their revision.

They will also learn various ways the questions could be asked and can better work on their answering techniques and logical reasoning. It teaches them to focus on key components to score. Provided that students study hard revision after the course, their grades will definitely improve in a tangible manner. The best improvements we have seen go from E to A after 1 course and a few regular lessons.

Have the students shown improvements after attending these courses? How so?

Students are more confident especially as they have just reviewed their entire syllabus. There is also much appreciation of the subject now that they can crystallise key components of it; this allows them to keep up at school and in turn they feel more motivated and driven. By focusing on key questions and applications, our courses can make a seemingly dry subject come alive and many students find it easier in their revisions.