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As IB specialists, we conduct highly effective lessons for a diverse range of students. From IB graduates, senior teachers, to IB Examiners who write the IB syllabi, QE offers over 100 qualified tutors to help each child find the best fit and maximise his potential.

QE’s curriculum is streamlined to help shorten the learning curve and consistently outperform in coursework and exams. Highly effective lesson plans, customised notes, and targeted practices guide students to learn productively and excel in the shortest time possible. Students who constantly seek to challenge themselves will find QE’s lessons highly effective and engaging.

QE works with the best in the industry. Each QE tutor is an IB graduate, IB teacher, or IB Examiner with vast experience at leading IB schools and knows the curriculum inside out. As IB specialists, we spend almost all of our working hours updating classroom materials, creating targeted practices, and preparing for upcoming classes. On average, each tutor teaches 15 classes a week, allowing us to stay ahead of the syllabus and consistently deliver at the highest level. We demand such a level of perfection that we only hire 1-2 tutors from every 100 profiles we interview.

Yes. QE offers a trial lesson for each subject. Students only pay for the lesson if they decide to sign up. There will be no charge should students decide that they do not wish to enrol with us.

Please inform our staff in advance(>24hr notice) if your child is unable to make it for a lesson; he or she will be able to attend a makeup class.

For new students, we offer a trial lesson.

  1. Students only pay for the trial lesson when they decide to enrol.
  2. Should a student not continue, there is no fee chargeable for the trial lesson.

The fees applicable on registration are:

  1. A one-time material fee of $100 and registration fee of $50.
  2. A quarterly fee(three-months) for each subject.
  3. A one-month deposit for each subject.

Alternatively, students may pay on a credit basis for ad hoc classes (holiday programmes or crash courses)

Listed fees are for four classes per month; in the event where there are five classes, fees will be pro-rated.

Group class sizes at QE are kept small. Each class has a max size of 6 students. Small class sizes help ensure that tutors are able to monitor each student’s learning progress and address learning needs immediately.

We also believe that class sizes should be kept small to facilitate the discussion and discourse between students during lessons.

Should you wish to form your own group class, please find a minimum of two students and propose your preferred timing.

Group classes are conducted on a weekly basis over 1 hour 45 minutes sessions.

Individual classes are conducted on a weekly basis over 1 hour 30 minutes sessions.

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