Our Mathematics Pedagogy

At Quintessential Education, we start by building a firm foundational understanding of the concepts for each topic, following which we will focus on problem solving techniques, honing students’ familiarity, and achieving finesse through practice. Our effective Mathematics curriculum have been translated into excellent results.


  • Functions and graphs
  • Inequalities
  • Sequences and series
  • Vectors
  • Complex numbers
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Differentiation and integration
  • Maclaurin’s series
  • Differential Equations


  • Permutation and Combinations
  • Probability
  • Sampling Methods
  • Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distribution
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Correlation

1. Deepening understanding of
core Mathematics concepts

  • We help students better understand by breaking down topics into simple components

  • and using real-life examples in our teaching to make the application formulae and methodologies more relatable.

2. Enhancing problem-solving techniques
through intensive practice

  • We have developed simple yet effective problem solving techniques to help students through the process of answering questions

  • Practice is key to excelling in Mathematics.

    We believe that with proper guidance and understanding of techniques, practice would be doubly effective.

Our Tutors


A level mathematics tutor ex-moe teacherMs Wei (B.Sc, NUS Maths)

I did my undergraduate studies at NUS, reading Mathematics under a scholarship programme. A lifelong learner and educator, I pursued an education track and did my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at NIE. This led to my next posting as a full time educator, and I am a proud recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award (Team) in 2015. Students know me for my fun-loving Mathematics lessons, clarity in explanations and my efforts to go the extra mile. Over my years of teaching, I have guided numerous students to outstanding results in the ‘O’ Level examinations.

Drills and practice are only effective when students have a complete understanding of the concept. I believe in emphasising links between different mathematical concepts; regularly dividing my drill packages into different difficulty levels, progressively introducing concepts based on prior knowledge. Differentiated practices will raise students’ confidence in their learning capacity and make sense of Mathematics. Apart from teaching, I also design various assessments to monitor my students’ progress. For instance, students will complete a ‘Check-in’ quiz once a concept is taught.

I constantly observe how my students learn, what interests them and how much they have progressed so as to make informed decisions to better cater to their individual learning needs. If a student loves Maths and a teacher complements it with good guidance, the student will be able to draw out his/her maximum potential. This is why I invest immense effort in getting to know my students, their likes & dislikes, and make them love the subject.

“Nothing worth having comes easy. Working hard will bring you far in excelling in Mathematics!”




David Yuen, RI 2016, H2 MATHS: A

Mr Heng is an amicable and approachable teacher. He is not only friendly but his teaching methods are incredibly effective. Whenever we have questions, he would explain them patiently to us until we understood. As someone whose Maths was never that good, attending his tuition really helped me gain strong fundamental understanding in Math and improved my scores. He imparted the various strategies to solve the common problems so that we could confidently tackle challenging problems that I faced. He also shared several study tips that helped immensely in our understanding of the concepts.

Brent Tan, RI 2015, H2 MATHS: A

Mr Gan is a patient and caring teacher. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. When I struggled with certain topics, he would explain them to me until I fully understood them and leave no stones unturned. He would also teach me different methods to solve questions and made sure I understood the reasoning behind each method. With his guidance, I became much more confident in my math ability and my results improved dramatically. I also appreciated that the classes were extremely easy to follow as he could explain difficult concepts in very simple term. I truly appreciate being under his class.

Milly Wong, 2015 RVHS, H2 MATHS: A

Mr Timothy is a really dedicated and passionate teacher. I used to really dislike math but slowly grew to love the subject after being under his wing for the entire year in J2. He’s able to make learning math so much more interesting and is really patient with us. When we encountered difficult questions, he would use different approaches to ensure that all of us understand clearly. I also saw a remarkable improvement in my math result in the short span of one year under his guidance. He would always come to the centre earlier to clear our doubts or even stay back slightly later to answer our questions. Overall, I really enjoyed the Maths Tuition lessons by him.

Muhd Hykel, TPJC 2015, H2 MATHS: B

I joined Mr Heng’s lesson at the start of JC 1. Under his guidance, I was able to learn quickly and understand math concepts more easily, especially since he strives to ensure that concepts that are complicated become easy to comprehend. Furthermore, Mr Heng was very thorough and made sure that every important detail was covered. Also, his friendliness made it such that lessons were very enjoyable. Overall this had led me to do Math better and do well in school.

Lee Chong Hon, NYJC 2014, H2 MATHS: A

It has been an enjoyable 2 years with Mr Heng as my math tutor. His lessons are engaging and his explanations are clear. Mr Heng puts in a lot of effort in his teaching as he makes sure that we understand the maths concepts before moving on to the next chapter and he took a lot of time to make a summary of each chapter right before our ‘A’ levels. Extra practices were also given each week in year 2, and I saw a large improvement in my Maths grade, from an E to an A. Mr Heng is also very approachable as he helps us with our questions not only during lessons but also through Whatsapp.

Wong Wei Leong, ACJC 2014, H2 MATHS: A

Mr Gan has been a very committed and passionate tutor to me. I learnt so much from him and found that it was very easy to grasp and understand the concepts in his class. The practices also helped significantly, which was more intensive and progressive than those I had in school. Overall, Mr Gan is very dedicated in his teaching and it has enabled me to improve significantly in my studies. I am thankful for his great help.