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Our Mathematics Tuition Pedagogy

At Quintessential Education, we start by building a firm foundational understanding of the concepts for each topic, following which we will focus on problem solving techniques and hone the students familiarity and achieve H2 Mathematics finesse through practice. We help weaker students to build a strong foundation, and the stronger ones to score well in exams. Our effective H2 Mathematics Tuition lessons have been translated into excellent results.

We see the key to excelling in Mathematics as mastery of two aspects:

1. Deepening understanding of core Mathematics concepts

Mathematics can sometimes be abstract and complex. Our H2 Mathematics Tuition helps students better understand by breaking down the topics into simple components and using real-life examples in our teaching. By simplifying core concepts, we hope to not only aid students’ understanding but also application of formulae and methodologies.

2. Enhancing problem-solving techniques through intensive practice

You will often hear that practice is key to excelling in Mathematics. We believe that with proper guidance and understanding of techniques, practice would be doubly effective. This is why at Quintessential, our H2 Mathematics Tuition classes have developed simple yet effective problem solving techniques to help students through the process of answering questions.

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