We offer prep courses for various IB/’A’ levels subjects like Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Economics, General Paper. Various curriculum are demanding and intensive. Additionally, many concepts tend to be complex yet only serve as enrichment purposes. Hence, many students find difficulty when it comes to revising for the exams. A short course that provides an overview and crystallises key concepts can help significantly by aiming to be comprehensive yet succinct.

Most students do not strategise when studying for exams; they tend to lack practical skills/answering techniques and instead worry about trying to memorise their notes/textbooks. The aim of our prep courses is do away with memorising and build good understanding by clarifying what kind of questions to expect in exams, what concepts to focus on and how to strategise their preparations, how to tackle key examination questions, how to improve their answering techniques.

Many students only realise what they lack when they begin their own revision. We believe that an intensive course right before the exams will complement their revision and help clarify questions on various key topics and concepts. This is usually done through an analysis of various past questions in a topical manner.

While most students have access to past questions and solutions, we find that a big problem is not in understanding the answers but learning how to arrive at such answers and applying them in other questions. We believe students can improve if we address gaps in application skills; by breaking down and explaining various answers to show “How exactly do we arrive at this answer and apply it elsewhere?” Our intensive courses aim to do this.