Our IB Chemistry programme is designed to enable students to achieve excellent academic performance in the subject. To excel in IB chemistry, students are required to attain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts within the syllabus, and be proficient in the application of these concepts when attempting exam questions.

The primary focus of our chemistry tutors is to ensure that students thoroughly understand the syllabus content. We believe that memorising notes is an inefficient approach to chemistry because students often face problems retaining the knowledge in the long run, and get stuck once questions get complicated. Instead, through comprehending the WHY and the HOW for each chemistry concept, our students find themselves having to memorise less yet knowing more.

After ensuring that students have a solid grounding in content knowledge, our tutors turn their focus onto techniques for answering exam questions. Practices are tailored to each individual student’s weaknesses and needs. These questions are carefully selected to reflect IB exam questions, and assess their competency in the topic.

Classes are also supplemented with advanced materials, intricately designed to help students gain exposure to a widest range of questions.