Ever wondered whether you have the right qualities to become the next big thing? Like acquiring more than 100 million followers simply by producing a YouTube channel? Or playing a video game so well that you top the charts in e-sports? Or having the gift of the gab so that you become the most sought-after criminal defence lawyer in town?

Choosing a lifelong career path can be something that plagues many of us for a long time, simply because the options out there are vast and infinite. Yes, you might want to be the next Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr Pimple Popper. But do you have what it takes to be a world-class dermatologist beyond the qualifications? For starters, having the passion to pursue dermatology would be a good first step. And knowing whether you have the personality traits to handle the ups and downs of this industry can certainly help cement your decision.

To help you get started, we have designed a simple careers aptitude test for you to take. Read on and find out what make you tick!

1.  Which of these school projects would you enjoy the most?

A) Designing a science experiment or solving complex math problems

B) Writing and directing the annual Christmas drama production

C) Designing and painting a mural for your school

D) Conducting a social research study or learning a new language

E) Creating a mobile app or a website for students to study more efficiently

F) Developing a business plan to attract sponsors for your school project

G) Organising a campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues

2.   Which of the following group roles do you naturally tend to take on?

A) The Analyzer – You focus on data and logical reasoning

B) The Communicator – You handle discussions, correspondence, and presentations

C) The Visualizer – You create graphical representations or designs

D) The Harmonizer – You mediate conflicts and ensure effective team dynamics

E) The Techie – You manage technical issues and digital tools

F) The Strategist – You plan and organize tasks and negotiate roles

G) The Caretaker – You ensure everyone is healthy and stress-free

3.   When you think about your future career, which aspect is most important to you?

A) Solving complex scientific or mathematical problems

B) Communicating ideas or storytelling

C) Creating original designs or artworks

D) Understanding human behavior or cultures

E) Innovating with technology or coding

F) Making strategic business decisions or interpreting laws

G) Improving people’s health or conducting medical research

If you scored mostly A’s, you enjoy solving problems, working with data, and have a keen interest in the scientific and mathematical concepts. Consider majors such as Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, or Chemistry.

If you scored mostly B’s, you have a knack for communication, enjoy reading and writing, and are intrigued by philosophical questions. Majors you might want to consider include English, Philosophy, History, or Journalism.

If you scored mostly C’s, you are creative and enjoy expressing your ideas through visuals. Consider majors such as Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Film Studies, or Architecture.

If you scored mostly D’s, you enjoy understanding people, societies, and cultures and have strong communication skills. Consider majors such as Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, or Foreign Languages.

If you scored mostly E’s, you have a strong inclination towards coding, algorithms, and digital tools. Consider majors like Computer Science, Information Systems, or Data Science.

If you scored mostly F’s, you enjoy strategic thinking, negotiations, understanding legal frameworks or market dynamics, and have an interest in entrepreneurship or justice. Consider majors such as Business Administration, Economics, Law, or International Business.

If you scored mostly G’s, you have a strong interest in health matters, a desire to help others, and an aptitude for biology and the life sciences. Consider majors such as Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, or Public Health.

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