For students who are taking the English B Individual Oral (IO) in the next few months, things can get quite stressful, especially since the May 2024 exams will be upon you soon.

Fret not! Here are 5 important things you need to know about the English B IO (for both HL and SL students).

  1. HL students will be presenting on an extract from one of two literary texts that you have read in the course. SL students will present on one out of two photographs based on a Language B theme.
  1. HL students are not required to discuss any literary devices within the extract. What you should focus on are the events, messages/themes and ideas in the extract itself. It is not mandatory to link your discussion to an IB theme here.

SL students should talk about the photograph they have chosen in relation to the theme given. When talking about the photograph, make sure you relate it to an Anglophone culture in your presentation.

  1. When making the presentation, HL students should do so systematically. Start off with a brief summary of the story, followed by a summary of the extract and how it connects to the story. All these should not take more than a minute of your presentation.

Similarly, SL students should start off by describing the photograph or image briefly before making a connection to the IB theme given. All these should not take more than a minute of your presentation.

  1. After the presentation, your conversational skills will be tested. This is a time to relax because a major part of your assessment – the presentation – is over. Now, your teacher/examiner will have a conversation with you about something that you just presented on and an IB theme. Go with the flow and be as natural as possible. Avoid answering their questions robotically.
  1. Criteria B2 and C are meant to assess your ability to hold a conversation and engage the teacher/examiner. Do not give one-word answers; always think about how to elaborate and give details. One way to do that is to always give reasons, or examples. Share personal experiences or anecdotes where possible. This will enhance the interest level of your response.

So there you have it. These are some important tips for you to excel in the Language B IO. Good luck on your exams. If you wish to get some help to prepare for your IO, please contact us at 6100 9338 or email us: