IB Tuition by IB Examiners

Quintessential Education (QE) is the leading specialist in Pre-IB and IB tuition. Working with the brightest IB educators in Singapore, we offer a range of classes from regular tuition, crash courses, to IA and EE support.

Comprehensively designed by a team of IB Examiners and IB graduates, our highly-rated E3 teaching model educates through exam exposure, content mastery and targeted practices to provide students every advantage possible.

All our graduating IB students scored 6’s and 7’s in the IB exams of 2023. Our mean score of 40.7 exceeds the national average of 37.6 Many students also excelled with our hallmark university admissions programme and secured offers from top universities and a diverse range of courses worldwide.

IB Tuition by IB Examiners

Quintessential Education (QE) is the leading specialist in Pre-IB and IB tuition. Working with the brightest IB tutors in Singapore and a team of IB Examiners and IB graduates, we offer a range of classes from regular tuition, crash courses, to IA and EE guidance.

Comprehensively designed, our courses educate through exam exposure, content mastery, and targeted practices. Our 2022 IB students achieved a mean score of 42.3, exceeding the national average of 39.4. Many also excelled with our hallmark university admissions programme and secured offers from competitive universities worldwide.

Students and Counting
Scored 6 & 7 in the 2023 IB Exams
Scored A/A* in the 2023 IGCSE Exams

We understand the challenges that IB students encounter- from coursework like the IA, EE, TOK, University Applications, to the need for effective time management.

This is why we have developed unique solutions

Designed by IB Examiners and Graduates

To offer subject and student specific resources

For Coursework Support

Including tuition, IA, EE, and TOK

For University Admissions

Application Strategy
Personal Essays
Interview Prep
Test Prep
Oxbridge, Ivy, Medical School Apps

Programme Details
  • Weekly Lessons (Group and Individual)
  • Coursework Support
  • Exam Prep
  • Holiday Programme

* Subjects: Arts, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, English, ESS, Geography, History, Langlit, Mathematics, Physics

  • Research Question
  • Data Collection
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Outline
  • Writing and Organising
  • Proofreading
  • Topic Selection
  • Research Question
  • Research Framework
  • Writing and Organising
  • Proofreading
  • Exam Prep
  • Holiday Programme
  • Topical Revision
  • Coursework Support
  • Early Years Guidance
  • Admissions Mentoring
  • Portfolio Building
  • Personal Essays
  • Test Prep
  • Academic Interview
  • Oxbridge, Ivy, Medical School


IB Group Tuition – $530

Four sessions per month, 1 hr 45 min each

  • Sign up with 2 friends to enjoy 10% discount on fees
  • Sign up with 3 friends to enjoy 20% discount on fees


Junior Tutor – $750
Senior Tutor – $910
Master Tutor – $980 to $1080

Four sessions per month, 1 hr 30 min each

IB Guidebooks By IB Examiners and Graduates

As our student, your child will gain access to our extensive repository of resources. These resources are carefully crafted to cover all essential content, skills, and exposure in a concise and cohesive manner, allowing them to grasp information effectively and efficiently.

guides download
guides downloads
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Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is intelligently designed to challenge students and help them develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a lifelong love of learning.

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      QE’s flagship courses have been featured in national media like The Straits Times, Channel 5, SPH Radio, Kiss92FM, and more.


      Hear what our students have to say on our programmes and teachers.

      After repeatedly failing Chemistry, I decided to join Quintessential. With 5 months left to the IB examinations, Michael managed to guide and help me achieve a grade 7 in Chemistry. Micheal dissected questions and helped to explain everything in detail. He helped identify my problems at the root and taught me how to overcome it which is why I went from getting a grade 3 to a grade 7 in 5 months. Thank You!

      Naveen Lakshmanan, SJI

      Sean is a dedicated teacher who is willing to spend time outside lessons to have consultations with students. His lessons are engaging and useful as I’ve learnt many writing and answering skills for my exams that are not taught in school. Sean ensures we grasp the skills and concepts taught by giving practices and feedback in class, and also encourages us with food. Thank you very much!

      Celeste Chan, SJI

      QE has been very helpful in bringing out the best in me for Mathematics! In fact, I was always very lost in lessons, until I joined the class. Jayden was able to help us understand the requirements and key points of each question and component, by breaking down and approaching them methodically. Apart from letting me have a greater grasp of the subject, it boosted my confidence during the exam, keeping me calm and composed!

      Rachel Wee, ACS (International)

      Going for economics tuition helped me revise everything that I learnt in school, which was very important for me as I was struggling to find time. I was also able to receive more resources to study as Sean provided very concise notes. The papers we went through very consistently further helped me understand answers I should be providing for my exams. I was able to achieve a grade of 7 for my final IB examination. Thank you!

      Nicole Teo, ACS Independent

      I joined Quintessential as I was having problems writing well which was highly frustrating for me. After a few sessions I was able to write anwsers with more accuracy, using proper techniques, improving along the way and therefore increasing my confidence. I learnt and understood much more than I did before. My marks in my Langlit boosted in school. Thanks to Dawn I was able to achieve a 7 in my IB exams, which I didn’t think was possible.

      Joanne Teo, SOTA

      Having Economics with Sean helped to better understand the concepts. Sean was always very patient and helpful, whenever I had questions, he always taught me many useful skills. After every exam, Sean will go through my mistake and summarise the relevant points. During the revision, he helped me to practice many essays which helped me to improve my writing skills. I was able to get grade 7 for my finals.

      Dou Hai Yi, Hwa Chong International

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