You’re in your exam year and wondering whether you should embark on group tuition or individual classes? Look no further as we provide you with a detailed explanation of why group tuition works better.

First, here are some common concerns stemming from group tuition and why group tuition can be more enriching than one-on-one help:

  1. I need help that is specific to my individual needs. A group class cannot give me that kind of attention.

           We aim to keep the size of our classes small enough so that students can still get the attention they need and benefit from the dynamics found in a group class. Most of our tutors are ex-teachers and have good experience in classroom management and differentiated learning. So they are able to provide both the benefits of individual and group tuition in a small group setting.

  1. I’m a bit shy and not comfortable being in a class with others that are not from my school.

             We understand that it can be intimidating at first to walk into a room faced with people you don’t know. Think of this as being the first day of school.  Situations like this happen more frequently than you think and part of growing up is to hone your social skills and be confident in front of strangers! It might be uncomfortable initially but our tutors are experienced and know how to help ease you into the classroom.

  1. Being in a group class for tuition is no different from being in school and having lessons. 

            It might seem that way but the fact is our classes are much smaller, so you can still obtain the attention you need. Also, since our lessons are 1 hour 45 minutes long, only a small part of it involves the tutor teaching and explaining. Most of it will be made up of review and feedback to individual students.

  1. The quality of group lessons is lower than one-on-one lessons.

          All our lessons are conducted with utmost professionalism from our experienced tutors. Our quality remains the same regardless of whether they are group or individual, online or on site. If students are unsure about what is covered in the group class, they are welcome to chat with the tutor after class or email them.

  1. What we are learning in school isn’t the same as other schools.

          We do have group classes that cater to students from the same school. Please call in and enquire about that. However, for students in their exam year, you will all be taking the same examination at the end of the day so it really doesn’t matter.

Besides the above, there are also other advantages you can enjoy from group classes:

  1. External motivation

For those of you who are in your exam year or are seeking tuition for exam preparation, being in a class with others who have the same goal can be extremely motivating and encouraging. Instead of struggling on your own, you get to share your concerns with others and work together towards your common goal.

  1. Know your competition

The examination you are taking is an international exam. That means, people your age from all over the world who are pursuing the IB programme will take it too. Having spent most of your years in the same school can limit your perspective and narrow your perceptions of your own abilities. Being in a class with others who may not be your classmates can open your eyes and increase your exposure to the global standards of the examination.

  1. Sharing of resources

Other than the materials provided by the tutor, we greatly encourage students in a group class to bring forth their homework or assessments so that this can be discussed in a larger setting. Research shows that the interactive dynamics of discussion can not only enable students to learn better, but also improve motivation.

  1. Improve your social skills

As you grow older, it is always good to step out of your comfort zone and practise doing things that might make you uncomfortable initially. Many of you have been in the same school for the past 3-4 years and hardly have the opportunity to meet people from other schools or socialise in an after-school setting. Being able to engage in conversation and discuss academic topics with people your own age from a different school is a small step to expanding your social circle and enhancing your social skills.

Of course, in addition to all the above positives you can derive from a group class, our group classes are also cost-effective and more affordable. This is especially so if you intend to sign up for classes for more than one subject. With a group class, you pay significantly lesser but can still enjoy a lot of benefits that students in an individual class may not receive.

If you are interested or have more queries regarding group classes, call our enquiry hotline 6100 9338 today.