Our IB Mathematics programme is designed to build firm foundational understanding of the content for each topic, following which we will focus on problem solving techniques and sharpen each student’s familiarity with the syllabus through practices. We believe that memorising notes are an inefficient approach and we help weaker students to build a strong foundation, and the stronger ones to score well in exams.

We work to enhance understanding and use real-life examples in our teaching. By simplifying core concepts, we hope to not only aid students’ understanding but also application of formulae and methodology. With proper guidance and understanding of techniques, practice would be doubly effective. Our  classes have developed simple yet effective problem solving techniques to help students through the process of answering questions.

Classes are also supplemented with advanced materials, intricately designed to help students gain exposure to a widest range of questions.


Our tutors


Jayden is a former NTU President scholar with solid experience teaching IB Maths and Physics. Having taught at Raffles Junior College, Jayden uses teaching methodology and curriculum that has worked consistently at the highest level.


 His classes are built on conceptual visualization to help students understand topics and retain knowledge and sharpen intuition in Maths and Physics to handle non-routine problems. He strikes good rapport with students and uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative pedagogical approach to prepare them for questions that require them to write explanations, arguments and proofs and inferences. To date, student feedback are sterling and student scores average highly too (6s and 7s).