Finally, the 2021 IB results are in!

We are very heartened to witness the growth and development of QE students over the years as they achieve exceptional progress and improvement in their academic performance regardless of their ability or starting point.

100% 6′ & 7’s

QE students have done exceedingly well in the final examinations. Our IB students all scored 6’s and 7’s for their final IB examinations, and 89% of our graduating IGCSE students scored A’s and A’s for the IGCSEs.


In the second half of the year, QE was invited to be a panelist in HSBC’s academic and university guidance seminar.

Our cofounder and tutor, Mr Sean Lim, was invite to be a speaker for the event. During the seminar, Sean shared tips to help students excel in their studies abroad.

Why QE?

We lead specialist in Pre-IB, IB tuition, and enrichment classes and work with the brightest educators- IGCSE and IB Examiners, IB45 graduates, and dedicate our time to develop quality teaching materials and constantly review them to provide only the best.

Comprehensively designed, our highly-rated E3 teaching model educates through exam exposure, content mastery and targeted practices to provide students every advantage possible.

Many also excelled with our hallmark university admissions programme and secured offers from competitive Law, Medicine, Ivy, and Oxbridge colleges. More than a source of tutorial services, QE encompasses a highly regarded brand of education designed to promote academic success and character development.

With remarkable results this year, we look forward to greater achievements with our students in 2022. We will continue to nurture students to become independent, innovative and international-minded learners of tomorrow.