The Internal Assessment(IA) stands as a cornerstone in the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, representing a dynamic and self-driven exploration of each chosen subject. As a mandatory coursework for all subjects, the IA engages students in a comprehensive study that is shaped by the specific subject pursued.

Language disciplines may task students with oral presentations, while science fields often require hands-on laboratory investigations. Within this framework, students craft a research piece that typically ranges from 800 to 3000 words, displaying a keen grasp of their chosen topic.

The marks earned for the IA hold substantial weight, influencing the final grades awarded in respective subjects by up to 50%.

Students and Counting
Scored 6 & 7 in the 2022 IB Exams
Scored A/A* in the 2022 IGCSE Exams

How To Do Well In The IA

For many IB students, the IA will be the first research paper in their academic journey. With little research experience, students may feel under-equipped to conduct a self-directed research.

With years of experience helping IB students from various schools, our highly-rated courses offer targeted help for research topic selection, content generation, data analysis, and edits for final submission. Developed and refined by top of the class tutors and IB examiners, our premium methodology sees IB students through the start of their IA journey to the end- from inception to submission.

Selecting a compelling and relevant topic is the first step towards a successful IA. Our experienced tutors will help you identify subjects of interest and guide you towards a research question that aligns with your strengths.

Effective planning is key to a well-executed IA. We provide personalised support to help you outline your research, allocate time efficiently, and ensure you meet all assessment criteria.

Our tutors are skilled in helping students access and evaluate credible sources. We’ll teach you how to extract valuable information and incorporate it into your IA effectively.
Understanding how to analyse data and present findings coherently is crucial. Our team will work closely with you to develop analytical skills, ensuring your IA stands out.
Crafting a polished IA involves multiple drafts and revisions. We’ll guide you through the process, providing constructive feedback and helping you refine your work.

IB Internal Assessment Support

QE offers individual IA tuition to help students secure every mark possible in the important IA components. Fully conducted by IB examiners and graduates, our IA class provides start-to-end support on research question selection, research methodology, content generation, and edits for final submission.

  • Generate IA framework
  • Set IA objectives
  • Devise a research methodology
  • Develop a comprehensive start to end workflow
  • Review the IA draft
  • Edit the IA final draft
  • Generate bibliography and references
  • Pre submission checks


All Tutors – $125 per lesson

1 hr 45 min per lesson

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Junior Tutors – $162.50-$180 per lesson
Senior Tutors – $200-$220 per lesson
Examiners – $240 per lesson

1 hr 30 min per lesson

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