“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level.” – Quintessential Education

Since our inception 9 years ago, QE has developed a reputation for our highly rated E3 methodology; intelligently designed for small-group and 1-1 IGCSE Masterclasses. E3 provides unparalleled guidance for exam focused learning, relying on a comprehensive framework to systematically impart problem solving abilities, key theories, and proven strategies. With industry leading tutors and curriculum, QE has consistently outperformed the national average across major examinations. In 2018, our students achieved a 89% distinction rate, 4 times the IGCSE average. More than just a source of tutorial services, QE encompasses a highly regarded brand of education designed to promote academic success and character development.





Unlike conventional classes that start with content, ours begin with past question analysis to identify exam priorities, deconstruct key question types, and teach content simultaneously. Intelligently planned, each class focuses on key learning objectives so students know what content to focus on for a new topic.


Unlike conventional classes that start with content, ours begin with past question analysis to identify exam priorities, deconstruct key question types, and teach content simultaneously. Intelligently planned, each class focuses on key learning objectives so students know what content to focus on for a new topic.


After establishing key learning points, we move to content mastery and explain theories while solving core question types. Our pedagogical experience and proven framework ensure students are focused on key parts of the syllabus, learning and practising in the most productive manner, avoiding mindless memorisation.





Mr Lim is an engaging and fun tutor who taught me exam skills and techniques, supplementing and reinforcing the knowledge I learnt in school. Under Mr Lim’s guidance and effective teaching methods, I learnt a great deal on application skills and evaluation.

Hermi Do, ACS (Int'l), Economics A*

The classes were very helpful as they were explained in a very simple and clear manner with huge amount of resources for reviews and drills. These added help gave me good preparation for my exams and made it very easy for me to approach the final exams. Thank you!

Ho Jin , UWC, Economics A*

Thank you for making even the most boring subjects like English and Economics fun. Will always remember the commitment and extra effort all my tutors put in to help me prepare for exams! The practice sessions and reviews really made a big difference in my revision and I really enjoyed my lessons at QE!

Denny Park, UWC - Economics A*

I found the classes extremely helpful in getting more practices and this has really given me much familiarity with exam questions. The practices made it very easy for me to handle related questions. Thank you so much!

H Jiye, UWC- Math A*

Mr Lim often teaches us contexts from both local and international sources to aid us in drawing connections between textbook theories and that of real world. He is also an extremely knowledgable and dedicated tutor to us and I’ve Mr Lim’s thoughtful and patient guidance to thank for my improvement. Thank you so much!

Dorothy Tham, UWC- Math A*

Our IGCSE English programme is crafted to hone the crucial skills of language mastery, comprehension and critical analysis. Tutors methodologically identify the weaknesses of their students and are committed to ensuring that the highest level of help is provided to guarantee their improvement.

At QE, our teaching philosophy is targeted towards teaching our students to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in both speech and writing. Through rigorous and intensive practices every lesson, students learn to employ a wide-range of vocabulary, use grammar in appropriate contexts, and develop a distinctive, personal style and awareness of audiences being addressed.

Our students are exposed to different text types and encouraged to read widely – weekly class discussions can range from current affairs to literary genres, further immersing students in the English language. Through writing and comprehension exercises, our IGCSE English programme also develops communication skills such as synthesis, inference and the ability to articulate opinions effectively.

Our IGCSE Mathematics programme is designed to build firm foundational understanding of the content for each topic, following which we will focus on problem solving techniques and sharpen each student’s familiarity with the syllabus through practices. We believe that memorising notes are an inefficient approach and we help weaker students to build a strong foundation, and the stronger ones to score well in exams.

We work to enhance understanding and use real-life examples in our teaching. By simplifying core concepts, we hope to not only aid students’ understanding but also application of formulae and methodology. With proper guidance and understanding of techniques, practice would be doubly effective. Our  classes have developed simple yet effective problem solving techniques to help students through the process of answering questions.

Classes are also supplemented with advanced materials, intricately designed to help students gain exposure to a widest range of questions.

Our IGCSE Chemistry programme is designed to enable students to achieve excellent academic performance in the subject. To excel in IGCSE chemistry, students are required to attain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts within the syllabus, and be proficient in the application of these concepts when attempting exam questions.

The primary focus of our Chemistry tutors is to ensure that students thoroughly understand the syllabus content. We believe that memorising notes is an inefficient approach to chemistry because students often face problems retaining the knowledge in the long run, and get stuck once questions get complicated. Instead, through comprehending the WHY and the HOW for each chemistry concept, our students find themselves having to memorise less yet knowing more.

After ensuring that students have a solid grounding in content knowledge, our tutors turn their focus onto techniques for answering exam questions. Practices are tailored to each individual student’s weaknesses and needs. These questions are carefully selected to reflect IGCSE exam questions, and assess their competency in the topic.

Classes are also supplemented with advanced materials, intricately designed to help students gain exposure to a widest range of questions.

Our IGCSE Physics programme is designed specially with the needs of our students in mind. Each class places a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation in core Physics principles and concepts. We believe in developing the right foundation concepts so that students can always work out their solutions from first principles. Each class is carefully designed to ensure that students master contextual knowledge and retain them in the long run. Our tutors  spend extensive amount of time to craft customised curriculums suited to the needs of students struggling with the subject, by producing notes that break down complicated theories and apply them to real world situations. Students are hence able to identify how Physics concepts relate to daily phenomenon that occur around them, and better appreciate its importance and relevance in real life.

Additionally, our tutors work to improve students’ answering techniques through thorough practices on past IGCSE questions. Trend analysis, key question review, and intensive practices across a broad range of past IGCSE questions are key features of each class. Questions are specifically selected based on the answering skills required, thus exposing students to a wide range of question types.

Each class works on addressing the unique, individual weak points of students and hence provide them with personalised assistance that can best help them to respond to challenging Physics problems.

Our IGCSE Biology programme is designed to help students excel in the subject. The IGCSE Biology syllabus is extremely content heavy, and IGCSE students often struggle to cope with the sheer quantity of information they are expected to know, in order to do while for the course. This is why our tutors focus heavily on techniques to help students compartmentalise and retain their biology knowledge.

Unlike the school classroom where learning takes place mainly through audio processing, we believe that the best way for students to learn and retain information is through kinaesthetic and visual processing. Students are often encouraged to explain biology concepts through drawing instead of narrating. This helps us ensure that the students have comprehensive understanding of the content. This approach to learning biology has been proven to help students in dealing with the heavy content, and hence score better for their exams.

Other than a strong focus on the subject’s content, our tutors also train students in answering questions that are not content based, such as inference and data-based questions. Analysis of experimental data is a key component of the IGCSE biology course, and learning the correct techniques to approach these questions will definitely give our students a competitive advantage.

Our IGCSE Economics programme is designed to help students excel in the subject through developing analytic and evaluative minds, and the ability to present these economic ideas convincingly through essay writing skills.

QE’s classes focus on ensuring that students have an accurate understanding of core economic concepts. Thereafter, our tutors deconstruct each question type systematically and help students to examine and contextualise key economic content in a clear and concise manner. Each class adopts a focused approach to understanding question trends and patterns, with rigorous review of essay writing skills and critical thinking abilities designed for all students.

Our targeted focus on a range of topics encompassing real-world examples ranging from EU monetary policies to Japan’s negative interest rates, and pressing economic issues across the world.

Our IGCSE Literature programme equips students with the critical skills and literary finesse to achieve excellent academic performances. QE’s curriculum ensures their proficiency in understanding the nuances of literary texts, critically analysing them, and articulating their thoughts coherently.

Firstly, our teaching philosophy includes the inculcation of universal skills needed to excel in literary analysis. An acute sensitivity to literary techniques that underscore prose and poetry is trained through practice, and nurtured by experienced tutors. Our materials are specifically curated based on past IGCSE questions, and feedback on students’ work is given by tutors well versed with the IGCSE marking criteria.

Secondly, QE’s curriculum instills knowledge and skills unique to set texts. Students are taught to identify literary conventions specific to their text types, seamlessly incorporate them into their analyses, and explicate their literary functions. QE’s customised curriculum immerses students in the socio-cultural backgrounds of their texts, and such enhanced understanding adds depth to their written analyses.

Thirdly, students master the English language through our rigorous programme. Regular feedback from tutors on students’ written work elucidates areas for improvement in linguistic proficiency and argumentative flow, ensuring that students write with lucidity.


QE was established with you in mind – whether you are struggling academically in school, topping your cohort or achieving average grades, our lessons are designed to help you maximise your potential and challenge yourself. For students who struggle to keep up with their syllabus in school, and require a tutor to help them identify their misconceptions and provide insights on how to improve on their practices, QE’s curriculum is designed to guide you through that. Our tutors have years of experiences honing the skills of students and providing insider knowledge on examination and answering techniques which will allow you to see significant improvement in your academics.
Of course, attending tuition is not a necessity for every student. However, even for students who may cope well in school, QE’s curriculum is streamlined to help you better understand and pick up concepts efficiently. Customised notes and practices are crafted such that you can master topics and subjects in the shortest period of time, and have more time to pursue a greater depth of knowledge in these areas. Students who constantly seek to better themselves find QE’s lessons enriching and eye-opening.

Our tutors are dedicated to teaching beyond what schools can offer. Each tutor is cherry-picked and teaches a customised curriculum written by past MOE teachers and examiners of the ‘A’ Level, IB and ‘O’ Level syllabus, crafted to address common misconceptions of students and to ensure that students are in touch with the requirements of their examinations.

Moreover, QE’s tutors are committed to ensuring that students are provided with the most premium tutoring services – they are more than willing to spend time going through students’ practices, and re-explain any concepts after classes, if students require clarification.

For new students, we offer a paid trial lesson. This means that:

  1. You only pay for the trial lesson when you enrol.
  2. We do not collect your material fee and deposit upfront.
  3. Only when you decide to continue with lessons, will we itemise the material fee and deposit in your bill.

The joining fees applicable are:

  1. A one-time material fee of $80.
  2. 1 month of course fee as deposit for each subject.
  3. A termly fee for each subject.
Listed fees are for four classes per month; in the event where there are five classes, fees will be pro-rated.
Group class sizes at QE are kept small, at 4 to 8 students, depending on the subject taught. Small class sizes like ours help ensure that each student is given targeted attention from their tutor – tutors are able to monitor their progress throughout lessons and ensure that each student has a holistic and coherent understanding of every concept taught.

We also believe that class sizes should be kept small to facilitate the discussion and discourse between students during lessons. The dynamism and effectiveness of such discussions are ensured by our small class sizes.

Should you wish to form your own group class, we are happy to start with a count of two students and you are free to propose your preferred timing.
Group classes are conducted on a weekly basis over two-hour sessions.

Individual classes are conducted on a weekly basis over one-half hour sessions.

Inform your teacher if you are unable to make it for a lesson – depending on whether the rest of the group class is able to postpone the lesson, you will be informed of the change in class schedule.
Yes! At QE, we offer a paid trial lesson, for each subject. This means you only pay for the trial lesson when you enrol, and we will not collect any material fee or deposit from you upfront.