“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level.” – Quintessential Education

Since our inception, QE has developed a reputation for our industry leading E3 methodology. Intelligently designed for unparalleled exam focused learning, E3 defines a comprehensive framework to impart content, problem solving skills, and insider strategies. QE’s students have consistently outperformed the national standards, achieving a 89% distinction in 2018, 4 times the IGCSE average.


Today’s IGCSE curricula is increasingly rigorous. Subjects like Biology and Economics cover 20 chapters in 2 years, with rigorous application-based assessments. This timeline also compels schools to prioritise knowledge acquisition over application skills.

Memorising textbook content no longer suffices. QE adopts a time-proven exam based teaching, centred on definitive simulated practices and key questions analyses. We design our curriculum with the following elements in mind.

e3 learning model

The Right Guide

Study smart. Our highly rated contextualised guides and practice sets have been time-proven to address learning needs and provide effective solutions for productive learning.

E3 learning model

Summative Assessments

Practice makes perfect. Simulated exam practices allow us to monitor student learning, recognise learning gaps to address problems immediately, and give students a comprehensive overview of every exam segment to develop key problem solving skills.


E3 Methodology

  • Expose: Sufficient question exposure breeds familiarity. Unlike conventional classes that start with content, our perfected syllabus begins with past question analysis to systematically address exam priorities, key questions and teach content simultaneously, making it a highly advanced and productive curriculum. Intelligently planned, each class provides insider knowledge on how to best approach a topic.
  • Elaborate: After we pinpoint various iterations of questions that the IB tests for, students have a clear idea of what to look out for in the next portion. We move on to content mastery and explain theories while solving questions simultaneously, cutting time requirements significantly. Our pedagogical experience and proven framework ensures students are focused on key parts of the syllabus instead of trying to learn blindly.
  • Execute: Practice, practice, practice. Simplify your learning experience with our winning strategies, timed trials, and PROVEN DRILLS. Our resource bank is systematically designed to deconstruct all question types, consider the needs, and learning style of each student. Reinforcement will now help them to better tackle exam questions, making a very targetted and exam oriented session.

Lessons at QE allowed me to understand the course and the syllabus throughly, not leaving any doubts before the exam. I would like to thank Mr. Sean Lim for his great classes.

Eom Min Sik, UWC, A* for IGCSE

Going for economics tuition helped me revise everything that I learnt in school, which was very important for me as I was struggling to find time to do so. Sean was also very kind and understanding, answering any questions I had and taking the time to review my schoolwork for areas of improvement. I was also able to receive more resources to study as Sean provided very concise notes. The papers we went through very consistently further helped me understand the kind of answers I should be providing for my exams. As a result of my tuition, I was able to achieve a grade of 7 for my final IB examination.

Nicole Teo, Anglo Chinese School Independent, Economics 7 points


Our IGCSE Biology programme is designed to cope with the content heavy nature of the subject, build holistic understanding of how various chapters are related, and compartmentalise core concepts.

Through kinaesthetic and visual learning, our students develop comprehensive understanding and are best able to learn and retain information. In addition, our curriculum places emphasis on data-based questions and analysis of experimental data, which are key components of the IGCSE biology course. 


Our IGCSE Chemistry programme is designed to build solid grounding in content knowledge, develop skills for practical assessments, and review application skills for evaluative questions; all of which are key requisites of the IGCSE course.

Through questions carefully selected to reflect IGCSE exam needs, our classes address segments like manipulation of numerical data, quantitative questions, and inferences of phenomena to help students gain exposure to an indicative range of questions.


Our IGCSE Economics programme is designed to help students contextualise key content, develop highly advanced essay writing techniques, application skills, and an evaluative mind for quantitative reasoning. 

Through essay reviews and targeted case studies ranging from the EU monetary policies to US trade sanctions, our curriculum deconstructs each question type and provides rigorous coverage for question analysis, the key component of IGCSE Economics. Students learn to present their analysis in a highly effective manner to adapt to every question type.


Our IGCSE English programme is designed to give a comprehensive overview of language mastery, writing skills,, and critical analysis. Tutors methodologically identify the needs of each student and review writing techniques needed to address each question type.

Through rigorous and intensive pitstop practices , students learn to employ a wide-range of vocabulary, use grammar in appropriate contexts, and develop a distinctive style to communicate effectively in both speech and writing. Regular feedback on written work is also a key feature of our course, having proven to be highly effective in language mastery.


Our IGCSE Literature programme is designed to impart critical skills in text analysis, mastery of literary devices, and writing techniques for literary finesse. 

Through exploration of a holistic range of set texts, students are taught to identify literary conventions specific to each text type, incorporate them into their analyses with strong argumentative flow, and explicate their literary functions. Each class works on materials specifically curated based on past IGCSE questions, with regular feedback on written work a strong emphasis.


Our IGCSE Mathematics programme is designed to build firm foundational understanding of key content, develop problem solving techniques, and build higher-order application skills. 

Through the use of focused practice sets and iterations of key exam questions, our curriculum provides a systematic framework to build understanding and reinforcement, making each session doubly effective for intelligent learning. Trend analysis, key question review, and intensive practices across a broad range of past IGCSE questions are key features of each class. Questions are specifically selected based on the answering skills required, thus exposing students to a wide range of question types.


Our IGCSE Physics programme is designed to help  develop the right foundation so that students can always work out their solutions from first principles. Each class is carefully designed to ensure that students retain contextual knowledge and learn key problem solving skills. 

Through a well-defined set of questions and real world examples. students are able to identify how Physics concepts relate to daily phenomenon, and better appreciate their importance and relevance in real life. Trend analysis, key question review, and intensive practices across a broad range of past IGCSE questions are key features of each class. 

QE was established with you in mind – whether you are struggling academically in school, topping your cohort or achieving average grades, our lessons are designed to help you maximise your potential and challenge yourself. For students who struggle to keep up with their syllabus in school, and require a tutor to help them identify their misconceptions and provide insights on how to improve on their practices, QE’s curriculum is designed to guide you through that. Our tutors have years of experiences honing the skills of students and providing insider knowledge on examination and answering techniques which will allow you to see significant improvement in your academics.
Of course, attending tuition is not a necessity for every student. However, even for students who may cope well in school, QE’s curriculum is streamlined to help you better understand and pick up concepts efficiently. Customised notes and practices are crafted such that you can master topics and subjects in the shortest period of time, and have more time to pursue a greater depth of knowledge in these areas. Students who constantly seek to better themselves find QE’s lessons enriching and eye-opening.
Our tutors are dedicated to teaching beyond what schools can offer. Each tutor is cherry-picked and teaches a customised curriculum written by past MOE teachers and examiners of the ‘A’ Level, IB and ‘O’ Level syllabus, crafted to address common misconceptions of students and to ensure that students are in touch with the requirements of their examinations.

Moreover, QE’s tutors are committed to ensuring that students are provided with the most premium tutoring services – they are more than willing to spend time going through students’ practices, and re-explain any concepts after classes, if students require clarification.

For new students, we offer a paid trial lesson. This means that:
  1. You only pay for the trial lesson when you enrol.
  2. We do not collect your material fee and deposit upfront.
  3. Only when you decide to continue with lessons, will we itemise the material fee and deposit in your bill.

The joining fees applicable are:

  1. A one-time material fee of $100.
  2. 1 month of course fee as deposit for each subject.
  3. A termly fee for each subject.
Listed fees are for four classes per month; in the event where there are five classes, fees will be pro-rated.

Group class sizes at QE are kept small, at 4 to 8 students, depending on the subject taught. Small class sizes like ours help ensure that each student is given targeted attention from their tutor – tutors are able to monitor their progress throughout lessons and ensure that each student has a holistic and coherent understanding of every concept taught.

We also believe that class sizes should be kept small to facilitate the discussion and discourse between students during lessons. The dynamism and effectiveness of such discussions are ensured by our small class sizes.

Should you wish to form your own group class, we are happy to start with a count of two students and you are free to propose your preferred timing.

Group classes are conducted on a weekly basis over two-hour sessions.

Individual classes are conducted on a weekly basis over one-half hour sessions.

Inform your teacher if you are unable to make it for a lesson – depending on whether the rest of the group class is able to postpone the lesson, you will be informed of the change in class schedule.
Yes! At QE, we offer a paid trial lesson, for each subject. This means you only pay for the trial lesson when you enrol, and we will not collect any material fee or deposit from you upfront.