“Success is a standard that lowers itself to no one. You raise yourself to its level.” – Quintessential Education

Since our inception 9 years ago, we have developed a reputation for nurturing some of the finest minds in Singapore. Many of our students have excelled and gone on to receive prestigious scholarships and international awards. Our highly rated E3 methodology is intelligently designed for small-group and 1-1 classes, offering exam-centric topical review and rigorous exam practise. Each QE tutor is an O Level or IP specialist; a school teacher or graduate with vast teaching experience. This year, we are introducing our undergraduate tutors, all of whom our ex students with perfect scores enrolled in top courses like Law, Medicine, and PPE. They are cherry picked and undergo extensive training with us to be role models for young aspiring students.



Sufficient question exposure breeds familiarity. Unlike conventional classes that start with content, our perfected syllabus begins with past question analysis to systematically address exam priorities, key questions and teach content simultaneously, making it a highly advanced and productive curriculum. Intelligently planned, each class provides insider knowledge on how to best approach a topic.


After we pinpoint various iterations of questions that the exams tests for, students have a clear idea of what to look out for in the next portion. We move on to content mastery and explain theories while solving questions simultaneously. Our pedagogical experience and proven framework ensures students are focused on key parts of the syllabus instead of trying to learn blindly.


Practice, practice, practice. Simplify your learning experience with our winning strategies, timed trials, and PROVEN DRILLS. Our IB resource bank is systematically designed to deconstruct all question types, consider the needs, and learning style of each student. Reinforcement will now help them to better tackle exam questions, making a very targetted and exam oriented session.