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Our Physics Tuition Pedagogy

Physics can be perplexing with momentum and energy dynamic equations, complex thermodynamics, baffling electromagnetism or atomic constants and esoteric quantum mechanics concepts to memorise. Without prior exposure, students may feel uncomfortable with the mathematical and abstract aspects of physics. At Quintessential’s physics tuition classes, rest assured we have the experience and qualifications as a leading physics tuition provider.

Truth be told, ‘A’ Level Physics is not difficult to excel in. Our methodology includes:

1. Building a strong foundation in core Physics principles and concepts

We believe in developing the right foundation concepts so that they can always work out their solutions from first principles even if they do not know how to approach a physics question. Hence, our teaching philosophy focuses on ensuring that students are well-versed and sure of foundational Physics knowledge. We have crafted customised curriculums suited to the needs of students struggling with the subject, by producing notes that break down complicated theories and apply them to real world situations. Students are hence able to identify how Physics concepts relate to daily phenomenon that occur around them, and better appreciate its importance and relevance in real life.

2. Enhancing answering techniques through practices on past ‘A’ Level questions

Students are provided with intensive practices on a broad range of past ‘A’ Level questions, based on our carefully curated compilation of past-year papers. Questions are specifically selected based on the answering skills they demand, thus exposing students to a wide range of question types. Tutors provide constructive feedback on students’ work and correct students when they make conceptual errors or if they struggle with answering skills. Our tutors are dedicated to addressing the unique, individual weak points of students and hence provide them with personalised assistance. This hones their finesse and speed in responding to challenging Physics problems.

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