SAT Singapore Prep Course

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is an essential test organised by college board for US university applications. SAT Singapore preparatory programs are crucial to ensure your child is well-equipped to take an important SAT test for that coveted prestigious college admission that may decide his/her life. As one of the leading SAT Singapore Education Centres, we spare no efforts in making sure your child is full prepared.

SAT Singapore Test Information

The SAT Reasoning Test is a common entry criteria for undergraduate programs in the US and Singapore. Competitive programs may require you to submit SAT Subject Test scores as well. More information can be found here.


a) Reasoning Test
The SAT Reasoning Test consists mostly of multiple choice questions; there is 1 essay and a handful of student-produced responses. The test duration is three hours and forty-five minutes (excluding breaks) and costs USD91 for students testing outside of the US. The test is available 6 times per year: Jan, May, Jun, Oct, Nov and Dec.

The SAT score is calculated by combining test results from three 800-point sections (Math, Critical reading and Writing), culminating in a total score of 600 – 2400 points. Scores are valid for 5 years.

b) Subject Test
Subject Tests (formerly known as SAT II) are 60-minute multiple choice exams designed to measure knowledge and skills in particular subject areas such as English, history, mathematics, science and language.

Students can take up to three SAT Subject Tests on the same day. However, students cannot take the Reasoning and  Subject Tests on the same date. The SAT Subject Tests are usually offered on the same day as the SAT Reasoning Test. Test fee ranges from USD70 – USD80 for students testing outside the US.

Each individual test is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. Scores are valid for 5 years. Our students mostly score above 650!

We aim to impart crucial test-taking strategies through our proven and rigorous SAT Singapore preparation programs.

You have found the right place if you are looking for a safe and reliable SAT Singapore education centre

Our Philosophy: Practice PRACTICE PRACTICE. Taught in English ONLY by experienced SAT Singapore  tutors from Ivy League top universities (Oxford, Yale, perfect SAT scorers, professional industry background-e.g: Wall Street Journal editors). We relate well and are dedicated to our students.

SAT tests can be frustrating for many. It is uncommon for students to get exposure to such fields of study in schools, and most go for the tests unprepared and unequipped. At Quintessential, we believe that doing well is about understanding how the paper is set, how to master the skills, and how to make each practice count.


We craft our SAT Singapore  prep class for different levels as follows:

A) SAT Reasoning Basic Preparation Course 

This SAT course is suitable for first-timers who prefer a comprehensive and systematic classroom program.   All parts of Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics are covered.

B) SAT Reasoning Intermediate Course

Taken the SAT course before and scored only 1600-1900?  Need more improvement? For this course, we’ll analyse what your weak areas are and focus on building upon the basics. All parts of Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics are covered.

C) SAT Reasoning Advanced Course 

This intense SAT course is designed for high-achieving ambitious test-takers who have achieved 1900-2200 on their SAT and wish to improve their score further.  All parts of Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics are covered.

D) SAT Reasoning Focus Course

Unable to break the 2100/2300 barrier and you only have certain weak areas? This SAT course is aimed at repeat test-takers who prefer to improve their performance on a specific section of the SAT, be it Math or Verbal (Critical Reading & Writing).

E) Personal Course (applicable to both SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Test)

This SAT course is for test-takers who prefer a highly customized program that offers a flexible training schedule. We offer tutoring for the following SAT Subject Tests: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math I and Math II.


Our Tutors


Andrew Chim (B.A Oxford, M.A Yale)

Andrew graduated with First Class Honours in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University. He won the John Hicks Prize for Best Paper in the Microeconomics Final Examinations. He completed his Masters in International and Development Economics at Yale University. Post graduation, Andrew has served at the Ministry of Finance and the central bank.

Having taught economics for more than 5 years , he brings in real world examples to explain economic concepts and ignite students’ passion. He seeks to help students understand not just typical question-types and writing structure, but trains them in higher-level critical reasoning and evaluative argumentation skills.

Sean Lim (B.A SMU)

Sean is an established super tutor who has taught over 500 students. His strong passion for teaching has fuelled him for ten years and counting. A very approachable and personable teacher, he is very well-liked by students and parents.

He believes students do not need lengthy textbooks or memorise lecture notes in his class. Simplifying concepts, he often challenges students to “Explain an economic concept with no economic terms” or “Explain a difficult economic concept in 100 seconds”. His radical teaching style focuses on building core understanding and foundation. Tons of key questions, analysis of exam trends and practices, burgers, pizzas and post class consultations pepper his lessons. In his free time, he likes music and automobiles.

Our SAT Singapore Guarantee

 1. Group SAT Singapore Prep Class

  • Unlimited access to question banks and essays reviews
  • Unlimited access to consults during office hours before SAT tests
  • Full length timed SAT Practice tests
  • Compiled SAT Vocabulary lists practice
  • Detailed feedback by trainers
  • Professional, effective training materials and resources from renowned publishers
  • Further 1-1 consults with trainers if needed

 2. Personal SAT Singapore Prep Class

  • Personalized sessions according to your needs
  • Variable hours of classes at your own pace
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Lesson content planned at your level of progress
  • Unlimited access to question banks and essays reviews
  • Unlimited access to consults during office hours before SAT tests
  • Personalized, detailed feedback and reports from trainers
  • Flexible online support during your self revision at home
  • Professional, effective training materials and resources from renowned publishers


Every Sat 930-630pm :

0930-1300: SAT 1 practice including maths

(1000-1300: for SAT excluding maths)

1300-1400: lunch

1400-1600: critical reading

1600-1630: break

1630-1830: writing

630-730: dinner

730-930: maths*


Group- $180 per day session, Weekly sessions, each session is 7 hours, covering 1 entire SAT I test and revisions of answers covering reading, comprehension, writing and maths. One time 30 dollar registration fee/ course materials. We recommend preparing 6 months in advance at least. Students should become proficient after 8 sessions.

Personal-call us for a consult

Timings: Saturdays/Sundays 9.30am-1pm, 2-530pm. Classes may be full so do enquire first and we will do our best to match.


SAT and College Applications

Zhonghan SRJC, 2013, SAT 2280

I really enjoyed your guidance for my UK and US applications. We are always told that it’s really difficult to get in without mentorship and I now understand why. Each university has its own quirks and specialties that can be really difficult to navigate. I really enjoy your sessions and how you manage to break them down. Everything seems much more manageable now. Not to mention crucial tips and tricks for the interviews! Will do my best for A levels. One of the best decision my mum has made!

Daniel SAJC, 2012, SAT 2330

Happy teacher’s days Mr Chim! I really enjoyed your SAT lessons and your inspiring stories of Oxford and Yale.  The practices and exam techniques are extremely useful. I feel my vocab, writing and reading have improved tremendously. Will do my best to get a perfect 2400!

Samantha, RJC 2013,  SAT 2400

Mr Chim is an excellent college and SAT consultant.  I am inspired by his stories of Oxford and Yale and real life examples of students who made it. Because of Mr Chim, I am more confident for my applications! Not to mention a perfect SAT score:)

Jeremy Sng, HCI 2013, SAT 2370

Before Quintessential Education and Mr Chim, I had failed the first year in getting into an Ivy League university. With the time spent with Mr Chim in NS to boost my resume and refine my personal statement, I am now clearer on what I want to pursue and why. I am also more confident for my applications. In fact, I have been shortlisted for Oxbridge and Brown interviews:) Thanks Mr Chim!


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