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Mr Lim, my teacher, is a very committed and experienced teacher. He puts in a lot of effort to get us to understand and do better and his notes are concise and comprehensive. The teachings are very clear, in depth, and easy to understand and I have improved tremendously under his guidance.

Brian Kim, UWC (Dover) | LSE (Economics)

Thank you for making even the most boring subjects like English and Economics fun. Will always remember the commitment and extra effort all my tutors put in to help me prepare for exams! The practice sessions and reviews really made a big difference in my revision and I really enjoyed my lessons at QE!

Denny Park, SJI (Int'l) | Columbia University

Mr Lim often teaches us contexts from both local and international sources to aid us in drawing connections between textbook theories and that of real world. He is also an extremely knowledgable and dedicated tutor to us and I’ve Mr Lim’s thoughtful and patient guidance to thank for my improvement. Thank you so much!

Dorothy Tan, ACS (I), Business (SL) - 7, Chemistry (HL) - 7

Mr Lim is an engaging and fun tutor who taught me exam skills and techniques, supplementing and reinforcing the knowledge I learnt in school. Under Mr Lim’s guidance and effective teaching methods, I learnt a great deal on application skills and evaluation even though I joined very last minute before the examinations.

Hermi Do, ACS (Int'l), Physics (SL) - 7

Thanks for the awesome guidance for my mathematics class Mr Heng. I learnt so much from you and the classes were very fun and interesting. They made a very dry subject fun and interesting. I feel that I have improved greatly over the past year and I would like to thank you really for your help.

Kwon Jung Min, UWC (Dover), Mathematics (HL) - 7, Physics (HL) - 7

Thanks for the help Sir, the classes were extremely helpful to my understanding and it allowed me to comprehend the mathematics syllabus very clearly. I found the resources and practices critical in my exam preparations and the classes were insightful and filled with interesting examples and analogies.

Kevin Leong, ACS (I), Economics (HL) - 7

The classes were very helpful as they were explained in a very simple and clear manner with huge amount of resources for reviews and drills. These added help gave me good preparation for my exams and made it very easy for me to approach the final IB papers. Thank you!

James An, ACS (I), Mathematics (HL) - 7

I’m very grateful for the guidance by Mr Lim and Mr Gopalan. They have helped me greatly with getting more practices and this has really given me much familiarity and exposure to the IB questions. The practices made it very easy for me to handle related questions. Thank you Sirs.

Hong Jiye, UWC (East), Chemistry (HL) - 7, Economics (HL) - 7

Thanks so much for helping me improve my Economics at my own pace of lesson. The exam practices and notes, among others, really helped me for the exams and I have improved tremendously over the last year thanks to your guidance!

Elizabeth Liew, ACS (I) | University of Edinburgh (Medicine)

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