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Jayden is a former NTU President scholar with solid experience teaching IB Maths and Physics. Having taught at Raffles Junior College, Jayden uses teaching methodology and curriculum that has worked consistently at the highest level.

His classes are built on conceptual visualization to help students understand topics and retain knowledge and sharpen intuition in Maths and Physics to handle non-routine problems. He strikes good rapport with students and uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative pedagogical approach to prepare them for questions that require them to write explanations, arguments and proofs and inferences. To date, student feedback are sterling and student scores average highly too (6s and 7s).

Jayden Lee, NTU (B.ES)

I’m known as Mike, an established chemistry super tutor for over 15 years in IB and A levels syllabus. I have taught at various top Junior Colleges and IB schools and possess a plethora of knowledge and experience. I am passionate about inspiring students to pursue science further and am a firm believer of the importance of science in improving the world. My student reviews consistently place me as one of the best teachers in school, and I am sure to reflect that in my tutoring as well. Most students will find me very approachable, friendly, and happy to share. They see me more as a mentor than their typical teacher. I firmly believe in establishing core concepts effectively and enjoyably. Student rapport and trust is very important to me, and I trust that all my students find my class an enjoyable time.

S. Michael, NUS (B. Sc)

I did my undergraduate studies at NUS, reading Mathematics under a scholarship programme. A lifelong learner and educator, I pursued an education track and did my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at NIE. This led to my next posting as a full time educator, and I am a proud recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award (Team) in 2015. Students know me for my fun-loving Mathematics lessons, clarity in explanations and my efforts to go the extra mile. Over my years of teaching, I have guided numerous students to outstanding results in the ‘O’ Level examinations.

Drills and practice are only effective when students have a complete understanding of the concept. I believe in emphasising links between different mathematical concepts; regularly dividing my drill packages into different difficulty levels, progressively introducing concepts based on prior knowledge. Differentiated practices will raise students’ confidence in their learning capacity and make sense of Mathematics. Apart from teaching, I also design various assessments to monitor my students’ progress. For instance, students will complete a ‘Check-in’ quiz once a concept is taught.

I constantly observe how my students learn, what interests them and how much they have progressed so as to make informed decisions to better cater to their individual learning needs. If a student loves Maths and a teacher complements it with good guidance, the student will be able to draw out his/her maximum potential. This is why I invest immense effort in getting to know my students, their likes & dislikes, and make them love the subject.

Ms Wei, NUS Math (B. Sc)

Hi, my students know me as the sprightly and caring Ms Chun. I read Law in the UK and would describe myself as a lawyer/tutor/entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching and equal access to education to fight poverty and the world’s troubles. My interests span across fields of KI, GP and History. I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and that history is an important collection of life’s many lessons. Epistemology- the study of how we acquire knowledge, is an equally interesting field of study to me. I regularly discuss such topics at large and my GP tuition lessons are peppered with real life experiences and examples. In my free time, I am also involved in a technology startup that pursues equal access to law and a cooperative researching on pedagogies.

Natalie Chun, Law (B. A)

Malcolm graduated from National Junior College and later NUS with a Bachelor in Engineering Science with top honours and was on the Dean’s list for outstanding academic achievements. He taught at 2 local schools (covering Physics and Mathematics) before moving on to a well known firm in the private sector, but eventually found himelf going back to teaching as he finds it a joy to be able to connect with students and give them the push they need to excel in their studies. He prefers being a mentor rather than a dictator towards his students, after finding it much more effective to engage with them after he has gotten to know them on a personal level.

You will never find him giving out final answers in class without first providing ample explanation and reasoning as to how he derived the solution. By breaking the process down for his students, he believes that not only would it help with their understanding of both Math or Physics formulae, but it would also facilitate their ability to apply the relevant concepts to other questions.

Malcolm Ong, NUS (B. ES)

Hello! I’m Sean, an established tutor who has taught over 600 students to date. A full time educator, I was schooled in Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Junior College before completing my bachelors degree with top honours at SMU. I moved on to work in the finance sector before deciding to pursue my interest in teaching. My strong passion for teaching has fuelled me for ten years and counting. Students and parents alike find me an approachable and personable tutor, and my economics class will be anything but one way lectures and boring theories on monetary or fiscal policies. I often focus on application skills and evaluation of various content.

I believe that students do not need lengthy textbooks or lecture notes, much less cramming these right before exams. By simplifying concepts, I often challenge students to “Explain an economic concept to a 12-year old” or “Explain a difficult economic concept in 100 words”. My teaching style focuses on building core understanding and foundation. Tons of key questions, analysis of exam trends and practices, burgers, pizzas and post class consultations pepper my lessons. In my free time, I am an aficionado of music and automobiles. I also love languages and arts and am currently learning French and Korean.

Sean Lim

I studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at University of Oxford. During the course of my studies at Oxford, I learnt and read widely across various fields and this has greatly shaped my understanding of the world around me. With a strong passion for teaching, I became a full-time educator specialising in curriculum planning. In my GP tuition classes, I help students pin down not only the basics of question-type recognition and writing structure, but also the essential higher-level skills of understanding nuance, signposting arguments and more. This is done through a constant cycle of the four key components of the GP examination, with content knowledge imparted alongside. All these add up to a strong ability to present your GP essays in a convincing and intellectual manner. Above all, I welcome an intellectual conversation on any issue under the sun.

Zee Ho, University of Oxford PPE (B. A)

My students know me as Miss Sheela. I graduated from NUS as the valedictorian and gold medalist (top in cohort) of my batch. Post-NUS, I pursued my Masters at USC, Santa Cruz and am now a passionate full time educator. To date, I have been teaching for over a decade and counting. My interests span across various fields; I believe in holistic and broad based education, with balanced analysis of real world news, to make for informed global citizens.

Sheela Cheong, NUS Sociology (B. A)

Colin graduated from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) with outstanding academic results, achieving a perfect score of 45 for the IB Diploma Programme. His diligent work ethic and ardent passion for the sciences has earned him a place to read Medicine at King’s College, University of Cambridge.

Colin channels his keen interest in the sciences into every Chemistry and Biology lesson he teaches. His passion is infectious – his students are always encouraged to participate actively in his classes, and to engage in interesting discussions about what they study. Colin advocates for the thorough understanding of concepts, as opposed to simply memorizing formulae or facts. By inculcating such foundational skills, his students are better able to derive answers from conceptual understanding.

Colin Lee

Willy’s teaching journey started as early as Junior College. Back then he started with his peers, and then moved on to students while serving National Service. To him, sharing knowledge and helping others to excel is a joy. Having started from teaching peers, he understands the difficulties that students encounter, and sees the importance of simplifying complex mathematical theories into easily understood concepts. Rather than teaching answers, he focuses lessons on cultivating techniques to help students build understanding, and provide them with tools to tackle increasingly demanding and creative Physics examination questions.

He believes that each student’s results are dependant not only on their resilience when faced with difficulties, but also on having a good tutor who can provide good explanations and help clear any doubts that the student may have. His students always feel assured of being able to attain the results they set out for, and he, too, always has faith that they will be able to do well in their examinations!

Willy Heng, NTU (B. BA)

I strongly believe in keeping explanations simple, and utilising layman terms during lessons to relate to my students and reaffirm their basic Mathematics knowledge. I enjoy injecting jokes into my teaching to make lessons more interesting and fun. I think that it is important for me to build up a good rapport with my students so that I can better attract and retain their attention. I hope that my cold jokes will allow students to warm up to me!

Through my numerous years of teaching experience for both O level & A level, I feel that the poor understanding of concepts and presence of other school commitments are the two main reasons that have severely hindered students from having enough practice with Math questions. This acute lack of practice is usually a student’s main obstacle from obtaining better grades for Math. Everyone can excel in Mathematics, and excellent grades are not hard to achieve. To do well for Maths, a student needs perseverance, hardwork and proper guidance. As long as you put in the effort, I am confident in providing the necessary guidance and techniques to ace your examinations.

Timothy Gan

I have been teaching GP since I was reading law at the National University of Singapore. Now a full-time Advocate and Solicitor, I choose to also continually impart my skills to numerous JC students in my GP tuition classes, especially those aspiring to become lawyers in the future. My vocation keeps me updated with various events in family and criminal law, and allows me to share a wide range of perspective and debate on these issues. In today’s information-intensive world, I believe that everyone has access to much knowledge; yet the key to success lies in how one critically evaluates and implements that knowledge for the betterment of both self and society. As your personalised GP tutor, I am able to deliver value beyond that of many others giving GP tuition, by combining both my years of experience as a tutor and also years of practice in the law. Outside of teaching, I am a food lover who likes to try everything. I would encourage all my students to recommend any good eats they have tried recently!

Genesis Shen, Law (B. A)

ZC teaches Biology and Chemistry at QE. He graduated from Raffles Institution with a perfect score in his A Levels, and consistently ranked amongst the top in his cohort for various subjects. He will be studying Law at Cambridge, Downing College. A dynamic individual, he enjoys a range of activities, from tennis to debate to gaming. Much of his free time is spent reading and learning in the company of good books.

ZC believes that practice makes perfect. He prepares extensively for each class, often using a range of key exam questions and intricately designed curriculum to help students gain maximum exposure to exam content. The high standards of his class leave no stone unturned and work on building strong conceptual understanding to aid application skills and techniques, helping many students improve in a short period of time.

Zheng C.