Years of Experience: 9 Years

Education: NTU (B. ES)

Jayden is a former NTU President scholar with vast experience teaching IB Maths and Physics. Having taught at Raffles Junior College, Jayden uses teaching methodology and curriculum that has worked consistently at the highest level. He equips his students with comprehensive, concise and exam centric notes which helps them to achieve the best for their exams. Jayden was also one of the top NTU scholars and graduated with top honours.

Jayden Lee, Physics

Years of Experience: 10 years, A-Level and Upper Sec Physics and Mathematics

Education: NTU (B. ES)

Malcolm graduated from  NUS with a Bachelor in Engineering Science with top honours and was on the Dean’s list for outstanding academic achievements. He taught at 2 local schools (covering Physics and Mathematics) before and he finds it a joy to be able to connect with students to give them the push they need to excel in their studies. You will never find him giving out final answers in class first without providing ample explanation and reasoning as to how he derived the solution. By breaking the process down for his students,  it helps students with their understanding and ability to excel in Math and Physics.

Malcolm Ong, Chemistry, Physics, Math

Years of Experience: 7 Years

Education: NTU (B. BA)

Willy’s determination to make students strive for an A and beyond compels him to conduct lessons focusing on techniques to help students understand better. He also provides them with tools to tackle increasingly demanding and creative Math exam questions. With the passion for teaching, he often goes the extra mile to answer students’ questions outside of class. Break time for Willy just means an opportunity for him to lose weight and bulk up on students’ requests for extra help.  He began teaching in JC, starting with his peers then moving onto teaching students after serving NS. He previously worked for MAS as a portfolio manager.

Willy Heng, Mathematics, Physics

Years of Experience: 15 years, ex-HOD in ACJC, taught in NJC and SOTA


Mike is an established chemistry super tutor for over 15 years in IB and A levels syllabus. He has taught at various top Junior Colleges and IB schools and possess a plethora of knowledge and experience. He’s passionate about inspiring students to pursue science further and am a firm believer of the importance of science in improving the world. Student reviews consistently place him as one of the best teachers in school, and he reflects that in his tutoring as well. Students find him approachable, friendly and happy to share. They see him not only as a teacher, but a mentor as well.  He firmly believes in establishing core concepts effectively and enjoyably. Student rapport and trust is very important to him. He trusts that all his students find his classes to be an enjoyable time.

S. Michael, Chemistry

Years of Experience: 8 Years

Education: SMU

Sean places strong emphasis on application skills and evaluation of various content. Sean believes that students do not need lengthy textbooks or lecture notes, much less cramming these right before exams. His teaching style focuses on building core understanding and foundation. Tons of key questions, analysis of exam trends and practices, burgers, pizzas and post class consultations pepper his lessons- students enjoy and learn very well in his classes and he has a 100% track record of 6/7s for his 7 IB batches so far.

He moved on to work in the finance sector before pursuing his interest in teaching. His strong passion for teaching has fuelled him for ten years and counting. Students and parents alike find him an approachable and personable tutor, and classes are anything but one way lectures and boring theories.

Sean Lim, Economics

Years of Experience: 2 Years

Education: ACSI

During her time in school, Rachel served as a member of the student council and was Captain of the girls’ Cross Country team. Rachel also gave the model TOK presentation for her year. A determined and passionate individual, Rachel strives for excellence in the tasks given to her. She enjoys interacting with people and cares for her students. As an athlete, she strategises her lessons to be engaging and tailored to the learning style of her students. Her lessons are designed for maximum potency – to deliver great results in a short time. She does this by ensuring her student’s foundation is firm so they are able to draw links between chapters, developing a thorough understanding.

Rachel, Biology, Chemistry

Years of Experience: 9 Years

Education: NUS (Bachelor of Mathematics)

Wei Wei’s teaching style is that she tries to get to know the students better. As for her teaching pedagogy, she divides her drill exercises into various difficulty levels based on the student’s prior knowledge. She also designs various assessments to monitor her students’ progress. For instance, students will complete a “check-in” quiz once a concept is taught. This allows her to identify any learning issues and determine what to do next. She is an MOE scholar and was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in Teaching by NIE.

Wei Wei, Mathematics

Years of Experience: 8 Years

Education: PPE (B.A), University of Oxford

In her GP tuition classes, she helps students pin down not only the basics of question-type recognition and writing structure, but also the essential higher-level skills of understanding nuance, signposting arguments and many more. This is done through a constant cycle of the four key components of the GP examination, with content knowledge imparted alongside. Zee is one of the most vivid and witty teachers who never fails to speak her mind. Her criticisms are crucial in students’ essays as it helps them improve. With a strong passion for teaching, she is a full-time educator specialising in curriculum planning. Being a charismatic speaker, Zee is able to engage in conversations with people from all walks of life. With great zest for thrills and challenges, she indulges in various outdoor adventures to which she then relates to her students and bombard them with the know-hows.

Zee Ho, General Paper, English

Years of Experience:

Education: Law, NUS

His thirst for knowledge empowers him with the ability to speed-read through tons of articles. He then shares them with his students during classes and engages them in meaningful debates that help form opinions and arguments around numerous essay topics. He has been teaching GP since he was reading Law in the National University of Singapore. Now a full-time Advocate and Solicitor, he chooses to also continually impart his skills to numerous JC students in his GP tuition classes, especially those aspiring to become lawyers in the future. Being a foodie, Genesis is always in search of good food places with nothing but delectable meals that far exceeds his expectations. Such high regard for quality ensures that his students receive first-hand information about the most up-and-coming cafés and the interesting facts about them.

Genesis Shen, General Paper

Years of Experience: 2 Years

Education: Law, University of Cambridge

Beyond her perfect score of 45 points in the IB examinations, Natalie has demonstrated consistent academic excellence in the Humanities. She believes in teaching her students in an interactive manner. Be it discussion on literary texts or real world examples in epistemology, she encourages students to engage deeply and construct informed opinions. Natalie places a large emphasis on language mastery, articulation and analytical skills, and regularly gives constructive feedback on her students’ work, identifying areas of improvement. She instills in her students a passion for learning, ensuring that every lesson is a rewarding experience.

Natalie Chun, Literature, TOK

Years of Experience:


Students know her as Miss Sheela. She graduated from NUS as the valedictorian and gold medalist (top in cohort) of her batch. Post-NUS, she pursued her Masters at USC, Santa Cruz and is now a passionate full time educator. To date, she have been teaching for over a decade and counting. Her interests span across various fields. She believe in holistic and broad based education, with balanced analysis of real world news to make for informed global citizens.

Sheela Cheong, NUS Sociology (B. A)

Years of Experience: 2 Years

Education: Law, University of Cambridge

Zheng Cheng believes that practice makes perfect. He prepares extensively for each class, often using a range of key exam questions and intricately designed curriculum to help students gain maximum exposure to exam content. He graduated from Raffles Institution with a perfect score in his A levels, and consistently ranked amongst the top in his cohort for various subjects. He will be reading Law at the University of Cambridge. The high standards of his class leaves no stone unturned and works on building strong conceptual understanding to aid application skills and techniques, helping many students improve in a short period of time. Much of his free time is spent reading and learning in the company of good books.

Zheng C.

Years of Experience: 8 Years

Education: Biochemistry, NUS

Chloe joined MOE before moving on to become a full time super tutor with QE. Miss Low is very approachable and builds great rapport with students to understand their weaknesses and needs before tailoring the class to suit their requirements. Thus, classes are conducive and enjoyable for her students. She is exam focused and works with students over an array of past key questions and answering techniques before major exams. Students like her classes because it is easy to communicate and learn from her.

Chloe Low, Chemistry, Biology

Years of Experience: 2 Years

Education: Medicine, University of Cambridge

Colin graduated from ACS(I), achieving a perfect score of 45 for the IB examinations. He was on the Dean’s list for multiple subjects and held various leadership positions in school and will read Medicine at the University of Cambridge. Colin channels his keen interest in the sciences into every Chemistry and Biology lesson he teaches. His passion is infectious – his students are always encouraged to participate actively in his classes and develop a strong drive for learning and personal growth. Colin advocates for the thorough understanding of concepts, as opposed to simply memorizing formulae or facts. By inculcating such foundational skills, his students develop into independent learners and responsible individuals under his mentorship.

Colin Lee, Chemistry, Biology

Years of Experience: 10 years, deputy-HOD, TJC

Education: TJC

Rong Lun is the current deputy HOD of the Chemistry department at TJC. He can teach the IB syllabus well and is currently teaching 3 IB classes with QE. He has 10 years of experience in teaching.

Rong Lun, Chemistry, Mathematics

Years of Experience: 8 Years


Julian was a lecturer at Raffles Institution and Head of Department for Theory of Knowledge at ACS International.

Julian Azfar, IB English

Years of Experience: 4 Years

Education: PPE, University of Oxford

His classes are no-nonsense and to the point and he works tirelessly to ensure students understand the content and wield the skills necessary to apply them effectively. Lessons with Jovin are personalised to suit his students’ learning paces and will complement their school curriculum. Above all, he aims to provide the attention that their school has failed to provide rather than to rehash what school lecturers have said. As a student who was really fond of GP, Economics and Literature in JC (all of which he scored an A in), he accumulated a ton of valuable insights and material through his experiences that he deems worth sharing.

Jovin Leong, Economics

Years of Experience: MOE

Education: NUS (B. A)

In Xian Yong’s years of teaching O-level graduating classes, he has come to realise that students learn best when they enjoy the classes and have great interest in the subject. With a wide range of strategies, he always aim to actively engage all students to think critically, write stylistically, and enjoy the process at the same time.

Lim Xian Yong, O-Level English

Years of Experience:

Education: Law, NUS

Sarah strongly believes in value-adding to her students’ tuition experience so she always strives to give pragmatic, exam-oriented and personalised feedback to all her students. She is also very friendly and approachable. She’s more than willing to provide advice to students regarding not only academics, but also post-secondary and post-JC advice (university applications, etc). In addition, she believes that learning is a continual process that takes place beyond the classroom setting, so she is readily contactable by mobile phone or email whenever students have any questions to ask outside the official tuition hours. In her free time, Sarah loves to read, exercise, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Sarah, General Paper

Years of Experience: 3 Years

Education: Law and Economics, NUS

Having practiced as a litigator, Jenell now specializes in alternative dispute resolution. Jenell believes in the socratic method of teaching, one of the oldest and most powerful tactic to foster critical thinking. She encourages her students to ask questions, debunk assumptions and think out of the box. Literature is a subject that Jenell teaches and is particularly passionate about. Literature, with its critique and commentary on social and intellectual issues, facilitates a meaningful conversation on the human experience and sheds light on human nature. This endlessly fascinates Jenell and she hopes to share this joy with her students. Outside of law and the classroom, Jenell is a bit of a bookworm, musician and aerialist all rolled into one.

Jenell, Langlit, English, General Paper

Years of Experience: 3 Years

Education: Chemical Engineering, NUS

Ahsan is an IB graduate from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). He achieved a score of 44 for the IB diploma Programme and has a strong interest and aptitude for Math and Science, culminating in an offer to read Chemical Engineering at Cambridge and NUS. He is currently in his second year of Chemical Engineering at NUS.

Well versed in Physics, Chemistry and Math, Ahsan has a strong belief that these three subjects can be conquered with the right conceptual guidance and intensive practice. He has coached over 100 students and currently runs 5 classes each week with us. He is a committed and responsible individual who will go the distance to make sure his students do well for their exams. Question review and analysis, content mastery, and exam focused practices form the bedrock of his classes. The feedback for his classes has exceed expectations, with a 90% satisfaction rate from his past students.

Ahsan, Chemistry, Physics

Years of Experience: 6 years

Education: Law, SMU

Puja’s love for reading as well as her passion for teaching has translated to her encouraging the love of literature in her students. She strongly believes in encouraging her students to posit their own thoughts regarding the prescribed texts and topics as this allows for the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions which leads to greater learning and understanding. Puja’s teaching methodology places much emphasis on explaining and analysing the various texts and topics. She strives to inculcate analytical skills and techniques specific to the subject as well as using key terminology when writing essays for the various humanities.

Puja, Langlit, General Paper

Years of Experience: 3 Years, NIE-MOE teacher


Chloe specialises in secondary school writing and comprehension, with targeted focus in language skills, strategies and techniques. Classes are built on close reading, critical analysis, and writing fundamentals to help develop strong writing habits and foundation.

Chloe, English

Years of Experience: 2 Years

Education: ACSI

Sarah graduated from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) with a perfect score of 45 on her IB exams. She is going on to read Politics and International Relations at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Sarah’s passion for teaching the humanities has earned her resounding feedback from her students. An avid reader, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and insights that she is always keen to share. She helps her students to think outside of the box when approaching problems. Rather than teaching students to memorise content, Sarah focuses on analysis and answering techniques, so that students can see a sustainable improvement in their academics. In her free time, Sarah advocates passionately for saving our environment.

Sarah, Literature, Geography, TOK

Years of Experience: 2 Years

Education: Law,  SMU

Shu Ying graduated from ACS (independent). A highly driven individual, she values excellence and commits fully in everything she does. Beyond academics, Shu Ying has a passion for leading and serving her community. Shu Ying regularly oversees legal clinics, manages student volunteers and contributes in pro bono social work. She prides herself on preparing extensively for each class, providing a range of customised materials for each student. Her pinpoint, focused help has benefited many students who attest to the highest standards of her classes. Shu Ying also enjoys playing the violin, debating, discussing classic literature, and hiking in nature reserves.

Shu Ying, Langlit, General Paper

Years of Experience: 10 Years

Education: NUS (B. A)

Dawn graduated from Raffles Junior College and studied English Literature at the National University of Singapore. With years of diverse working experience spanning from the editorial/communications industry, education and to the service sector, she is equipped with an all-rounded skill set, including first-rate communication and writing abilities.

Beyond academics, Dawn has a passion for writing and dancing. Dawn participates actively in several dance performances and overseas competitions. She is versed in a range of Genres , from Ballet, to Latin and even ballroom.She has a keen interest in education and advocates using fun and creative methods to teach her students. She also customizes her teaching methods and scheme of work according to the individual student’s needs. She believes strongly in pushing students to their greatest potential and achieving stellar results. At the same time, she believes that learning must be enjoyable for her students.Dawn also enjoys photography and traveling to lessen known places. Always up for a good adventure, she is one that firmly believes that one should live life fully and with no regrets!

Dawn, Langlit, General Paper

Years of Experience: 8 years


She believe in creating interest in the subject for the student as this will help them develop an enthusiastic attitude in approaching learning, which enables them to effortlessly improve. Having been in the industry for such a long time, she is well equipped to teach students the correct techniques to overcome the challenges of English and Literature. Her students have found my techniques to be helpful in improving their scores in Composition and Comprehension (for Primary School) and Essay Writing and Comprehension (for Secondary School and Junior College). I have my own lesson materials and will create a customised curriculum for each student at the beginning of every term. This curriculum will be revised every term after taking into account my students: performance in each quarterly examination.

Jayne Yu, English, Literature, Language Arts