Time is nigh. IB final exams are soon approaching. Not too sure how to prepare for them? QE has got you covered. Follow these tips to ace your final exams.

Plan a schedule and be organised

Being organised helps one meet deadlines effectively.
We recommend a schedule planned by topics to cover each day, or exam papers each week. For instance, you can aim to solve all the 2020 exam papers in week 3, and then 2019 by week 4. Solving the past 3 years exam papers gives you a clear indication of what to expect in the upcoming exams.

Apply the knowledge, practice, practice, and practice

Now is certainly not the time to study for every topic as if you’re doing it for the first time! Instead, focus on solving exam questions and improving answering techniques. Utilise question banks and solve every paper under timed conditions. This helps greatly in problem solving and gives you a good idea of how to pace yourself in the actual exams.

Manage your time effectively

We recommend dividing your study sessions into short intensive blocks with appropriate breaks in between. Targeted revision with specific objectives (for instance 1 topic per 2 hour) is highly productive as your mind cannot focus for a long period of time. Set a time limit for your break, a 15 minute break every 90 minutes is recommended. Use it to do something to recharge, like exercising or taking a short walk.
During exams, it is also very important to try to relax the night before your exam. You can do a quick review or solve some questions, but make sure that you get enough sleep the night before and proper breakfast the next morning, as this will help you to concentrate during the paper.

Go offline while studying

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to turn off your mobile phone, the TV, and any social networks that will distract you while studying. You might think that it only takes a few minutes to check your Instagram account, but this accumulates to hours that you could have spent on effective non-distracted learning

Take it one exam at a time

Give every exam appropriate time and focus, and do not dwell too much on an exam which you think you haven’t done well on. Although it’s very normal to feel upset when you didn’t do well on one paper or one subject, this should not consume your time and effort, you will still have other exams that will need your full attention. Stay motivated and give it your best, after all the grade will not be fully allocated based on the external examinations only. You still have your internal assessments as well.

Enjoy the experience and learn something out of it

Exams are definitely exhausting, both physically and mentally, but take it positively and enjoy it while you can. After all it is an experience and a unique phase of your life. Trust yourself and your capabilities. No matter what the result is, be proud of what you have achieved, for after all the goal of the IB program is to teach you for life, and not just for your external examinations.