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We inspire students and help with arts school applications

Tailored Portfolios for Every Artistic Field

Expert guidance to make your portfolio stand out in the competitive arts scene

Immersive Artist Residency Programme

Mentorship with global resources for skill enhancement

Comprehensive Admissions Packages

All-in-one solutions for top arts universities in the UK, US, and Singapore.

Top Art Universities

Top Art Universities

University of The Arts London

Parsons School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design

Royal College of Art

The Ivy League

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Applications

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Art School Application

Personalized Admissions Strategy

We explore your creative journey, strengths, and aspirations to create a tailored application strategy, including a thorough consultation to understand your artistic influences, experiences, and long-term goals.

Portfolio Development and Review

Our seasoned arts professionals work closely with you to curate a standout portfolio that showcases your technical proficiency, artistic evolution, and distinct style.

Essay Guidance

Using a structured framework to help you articulate your unique artistic experiences and perspectives, we provide expert guidance to help you a cohesive, authentic artist framework that resonates with admissions committees. 

Interview Preparation

Through mock interviews and coaching, we prepare you to excel in admissions interviews, covering common questions, effective communication, and strategies to showcase your personality and passion.

Research and Program Selection

We conduct in-depth research on programs to ensure they align with your artistic goals and aspirations. This includes evaluating faculty expertise, curriculum offerings, and career opportunities for distinct specialisations.

Application Management

We offer comprehensive application support, from document organization to deadline management. Our team reviews and submits materials meticulously, freeing you to focus on your creative work.

It’s not about services.
It’s about ‘YOU’!

At Quintessential, we specialize in guiding aspiring artists, performers, and creatives to secure coveted spots in the most esteemed arts programs across the United States and the United Kingdom. With a team of seasoned experts, we offer a range of comprehensive services designed to empower you in achieving your academic and artistic aspirations.

Key Arts Disciplines

Key Arts Disciplines

Fashion & Textile Design

We guide you in selecting a diverse range of sketches, concept boards, and finished garments, ensuring each piece highlights your versatility, innovation, and attention to detail.

Game Design

Our experts help you assemble a portfolio that showcases game prototypes, design documentation, and narrative elements. This demonstrates your technical expertise and storytelling prowess, crucial elements in game design.

Fine Art

Together, we curate a selection of paintings, sculptures, and multimedia pieces that not only demonstrate your technical proficiency but also showcase your unique artistic voice and conceptual thinking.

Architecture and Interior Design

With our support, you’ll present architectural drawings, design projects, and 3D models that highlight your creativity and technical proficiency in spatial design.

Graphic and Communication Design

We assist in compiling a portfolio that balances digital and traditional mediums. This showcases branding projects, layout designs, and illustrative works.

 UI/UX Design

Expert guidance on user interface projects, user experience concepts, and interactive design, we offer a comprehensive view of your expertise in creating engaging digital experiences.

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I take economics under doctor Hee and since i started lessons i’ve seen a significant improvement in my results as shown by my A* achieved. Her teaching is very clear and allows her students to hit all the right points and achieve the best possible result.
clare pang
clare pang
The tutors of the centre are very professional and passionate in terms of teaching and elevating my skills. I was able to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of my current way of studying through tuitions in this centre, successfully leading to improving scores. Dr Hee lead me with passion, which contributed the most for me achieving 7 for IB Business HL. Thank you so much!
CK Hyuneee
CK Hyuneee
Dr Hee is a good business teacher, my IB business improved by 4 grades.
Javier Tay
Javier Tay
Took their tutoring for almost every subject when I was struggling in IB. Generally, really awesome tutors that break stuff down so I could finally understand some difficult concepts or even topical questions which seemed to be skimmed through in school. From my experience being tutored in the Sciences, Math and Econs, all my tutors were very thorough and encouraging in their teachings, making sure that you understand in depth about the basics of each topic (they'll go through the material as many times if you don't understand or forget), before giving you a few tips on some shortcuts you can use for the exams, as well as providing enough practices such that together with your school's past year papers, you don't have to print out any more for self-revision. If you are willing to accept constructive criticism and do the work that's given, I'd fully recommend this for students that feel left behind in school. However, just keep in mind to constantly keep in touch with the tutors and administrators for lesson plans, and notify them in advance if there are lessons that you're taking extra or missing out. The arrangements of lessons aren't the most flexible and smooth, but they can surely rearrange it if you're at least telling them a week in advance.
Seeked Economics HL tutoring, got 7 and A for Economics EE. Sean (my tutor) was very patient and understanding, and clarified any questions I had. Outside of lesson time, he was very responsive to the many questions I would ask. Thank you Sean and Quintessential!
aden low
aden low
Engaging lessons and experienced teachers!
Lucy Zhang
Lucy Zhang
nice classroom environment and very private
Loo Yee Ming
Loo Yee Ming