We had the opportunity to sit down with our mentor Jason Lee, a law graduate at Cambridge, as he shares his insights, experiences, and valuable advice. From his high school achievements to entrance interviews and campus culture, Jason offers a glimpse into the captivating world of Cambridge Law.

Subjects, CCAs, and Leadership Positions

At high school, Jason pursued a diverse range of subjects, including History, English (Lang & Lit), Economics, Math, Chinese, and Physics, scoring an impressive 44 points in his IB. Alongside his studies, Jason excelled as the Football Captain, Student Council Head, and Newsletter Head, showcasing his leadership skills and extracurricular achievements.

Entrance Interviews

During Jason’s entrance interview, the focus was not solely on law-related questions, as the interviewer explored various non-technical legal issues and current affairs. International law became a significant point of discussion, and Jason’s understanding of its formation played in his favor. He also delved into thought-provoking topics, such as the possibility of changing a Singaporean law and the intersection of religious beliefs and legal decision-making.

Workload Comparison: Cambridge Law vs. IB/A Levels

Jason highlights the rigorous nature of Cambridge Law in terms of expectations and workload. With frequent essays and intensive supervisions, students engage in consistent, high-quality work. The exams in Cambridge are known to be challenging, requiring a significant degree of self-study.

Choosing Cambridge: A Strategic Decision

For Jason, the decision to study at Cambridge was a strategic one, focusing on Cambridge applications in his first year of NS (National Service) compared to London universities. He aimed to secure a place at Cambridge without compromising his chances of reapplying if needed. His approach paid off, as he received offers from Cambridge and Warwick, solidifying his path towards Cambridge Law.

Cost of Living and School Fees

The cost of living and school fees at Cambridge varies yearly. Jason suggests referring to the university’s website for up-to-date information on tuition fees and exploring individual college websites for accommodation fees. Additionally, he advises that cooking by ownself can help manage living expenses effectively.

Learning Experience

Learning at Cambridge Law combines lectures and supervisions. Lectures involve the entire cohort, while supervisions offer small-group discussions with professors. Jason emphasizes the intensity of supervisions, requiring thorough preparation and active participation in in-depth debates and examinations of weekly topics.

Campus Culture: Work Hard, Play Hard

Cambridge Law is known for its “work hard, play hard” culture. The short, intense terms demand dedication and high-quality work. However, once exams are over, the vibrant college “Balls” provide an extraordinary opportunity to unwind and celebrate, offering unforgettable memories.

Singaporean Presence and Integration

Cambridge University boasts a robust Singaporean presence, with a significant number of Singaporean students each year. Integration opportunities exist through course mates, college mates, and various societies, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

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