The World’s Leading IB And IGCSE Specialists

At Quintessential, we are passionate about fostering academic excellence and lifelong success in every student we serve. We understand that each student learns differently, which is why we’ve designed our programmes to meet the unique needs of each student, providing tailored support for their individual journeys.

Under the tutelage of our experienced educators, including alumni from schools like Raffles, ACS, Ivy League, and Oxbridge, our students consistently outperform their academic potential and gain acceptance to leading universities worldwide.

Singapore’s Leading IB And IGCSE Specialists

At Quintessential Education, we are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and career aspirations. We understand that each student learns differently, which is why we’ve designed our programmes to provide personalised teaching and expert guidance tailored to the unique needs of each student.

Under the tutelage of our expansive group of educators, including Raffles, ACS, Ivy League, and Oxbridge alumni, our students consistently outperform their academic potential and many have excelled in our hallmark university admissions programme, gaining acceptance to leading universities worldwide.

Students and Counting
Scored 6 & 7 in the 2022 IB Exams
Scored A/A* in the 2022 IGCSE Exams

Setting Industry Standards

  • Designed by IB Examiners & Oxbridge Graduates
  • High Impact Learning Strategies
  • Subject & Student Specific Resources
  • IB Examiners
  • Oxbridge Alumnus
  • Top School Teachers
  • Tuition, IA & EE Support, Crash Courses
  • Portfolio Building, Skills training for Personal Essays & Interviews
  • University Admissions Counselling
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More than a source of tutorial services, Quintessential encompasses a highly regarded brand of education designed to promote lifelong success and character development.

Curriculum Design Principles

Our curriculum is intelligently designed to challenge students and help them develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a lifelong love of learning.

Our Programmes

Find out more about our comprehensive range of courses here:

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IB Tuition

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University Admissions

Media Features

QE’s flagship courses have been featured in national media like The Straits Times, Channel 5, SPH Radio, Kiss92FM, and more.

500+ Five Star Reviews

I take economics under doctor Hee and since i started lessons i’ve seen a significant improvement in my results as shown by my A* achieved. Her teaching is very clear and allows her students to hit all the right points and achieve the best possible result.
clare pang
clare pang
The tutors of the centre are very professional and passionate in terms of teaching and elevating my skills. I was able to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of my current way of studying through tuitions in this centre, successfully leading to improving scores. Dr Hee lead me with passion, which contributed the most for me achieving 7 for IB Business HL. Thank you so much!
CK Hyuneee
CK Hyuneee
Dr Hee is a good business teacher, my IB business improved by 4 grades.
Javier Tay
Javier Tay
Took their tutoring for almost every subject when I was struggling in IB. Generally, really awesome tutors that break stuff down so I could finally understand some difficult concepts or even topical questions which seemed to be skimmed through in school. From my experience being tutored in the Sciences, Math and Econs, all my tutors were very thorough and encouraging in their teachings, making sure that you understand in depth about the basics of each topic (they'll go through the material as many times if you don't understand or forget), before giving you a few tips on some shortcuts you can use for the exams, as well as providing enough practices such that together with your school's past year papers, you don't have to print out any more for self-revision. If you are willing to accept constructive criticism and do the work that's given, I'd fully recommend this for students that feel left behind in school. However, just keep in mind to constantly keep in touch with the tutors and administrators for lesson plans, and notify them in advance if there are lessons that you're taking extra or missing out. The arrangements of lessons aren't the most flexible and smooth, but they can surely rearrange it if you're at least telling them a week in advance.
Seeked Economics HL tutoring, got 7 and A for Economics EE. Sean (my tutor) was very patient and understanding, and clarified any questions I had. Outside of lesson time, he was very responsive to the many questions I would ask. Thank you Sean and Quintessential!
aden low
aden low
Engaging lessons and experienced teachers!
Lucy Zhang
Lucy Zhang
nice classroom environment and very private
Loo Yee Ming
Loo Yee Ming

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